Move to Arcata or Eureka California bound.

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    Ok so I'm sure some of y'all seen me around on here. If this apartment doesn't work out in DC (super cheap my coworker lives there) then I plan on moving to Arcata or eureka California. Is anyone from these areas? I have a coworker that use to live there and says I would absolutely love Arcata.
  2. Arcata*
  3. Have you visited? You know the vibe is very different out West, not always cracked up to be what's expected.:/ 
  4. I am about to visit Arcata for a weekend. Just would like to know someone first to show me around. Everyone I know from California is surprised I haven't visit and say I would love it.
  5. I just moved up here from So Cal in August for school. It's amazing. If you come and visit, you won't want to leave.
  6. That's what I hear. I plan on either Arcata or eureka and do trade school for welding. May try and get a job at Arcata pizza and deli. My friend Joel use to work their. Supposedly the boss name is shark fin lol. Sounds like my kind of job
  7. how long have you been in the area? I plan on staying awhile if I move. Big decision abd move in my life. Just would like to know some people first. Been on here awhile see a lot live in north California. Just wondering how easy it is to get an apartment and job in the area.
  8. i would just suggest looking on craigslist to get a feel for the apartment situations here. There are a good amount because Arcata is a small town and there is a big college here.
    I haven't got a job yet (I have only lived here for 3 months), and I'm going to get one next semester. One of my roommates got two jobs in a few weeks after moving here.
    I think after you visit it and see the environment, people, and lack of major chains (in Arcata, Eureka has more) you will like it. Eureka has enough places to get jobs because of that though. Like if you worked at a target before, there's one in Eureka.
    Also, I feel obligated to tell you (and I hope your friend told you) that when you go to Arcata Pizza & Deli, you MUST order a panzerotti. Thank me later (and WaxPayne because he told me about it :p )
  9. I'm leaning towards Arcata. I e-mailed one room for rent in Arcata. January 1st will be move in. Still need to contact others. I can't wait to move out there.
  10. Nice wax is telling me all about it. I'm so excited. Any other blades from there or the area?
  11. Not that I know of (unfortunately)
  12. Is that north cali. I want to move there next year
  13. Yes it is. I'm 24 have nothing holding me back and barely anything to move. Shit my grow equipment is the most to move lol

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