Move plant from soil to hydro?

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  1. Hello all. Can i get some help please?
    I have been growing this plant in soil (Miracle Grow) under CFL (totaling 260 ACTUAL watts). Vegged 5 weeks and now been flowering for 5 weeks. She is heavily LST'd as well.
    I have just set up my first hydro rig. Can I successfully, and how should I, move her from the pot and into the root basket/hydro rig?


  2. Nope to late
  3. its not too late.

    just take it out of its container and try to get as much of the soil from the rootball as you can.

    line your basket w/ hydroton on the bottom and set the rootball in there and fill around it with the rest of your hydroton.

    your plant should do fine, even after all that abuse. it may slow down for a few days afterwards but it will recover
  4. Well, I'm gonna give it a shot...hope I can pull this off w/o killin her
  5. why on earth would you ever do something like that?

  6. go for it.

    im 90% sure the plant will do fine.

    be sure to water it from the top for awhile though, just until the roots start to come down through the basket
  7. Do I have to get rid of ALL of the soil? Really not wanting to do a lot of damage to the roots I am damned sure she is completely root bound.
  8. just remove as much as you can. the roots can take quite a hit.

    if i ever get a rootbound plant, when i transplant i will cut off the bottom couple inches of the rootball. plants always recovered 100%
  9. This is probably one big mistakes....Five weeks into flowering(almost their) and transplanting into hydro, just because your set up for hydro, is not a good reason....Sorry....;)

    Please, let us know the outcome...
  10. holy shiiiiiiiittttt...... i dont understand how i missed that his plant was 5 weeks in.

    i think colafarmer is the only one on this thread that slightly knows me from the coco section that thought.... "i cant believe he said that".

    my bad........
  11. Okay okay! Lol, got it - not a good idea! Thanks much for the input, thats why I joined.
    But anyhow, figured out this pic thing and here she is, my very first lady. No idea of strain, just bag seed while I develop some growin' skills.
    Thanks and happy growing


  12. Hello Guys im in my 3rd week of flower in soil and I want to change to a hydro system Do I still have time the colas are really small ?

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  13. I can see any reason why you can't go from soil to hydro in flower, just don't understand why you would want too ?
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    Thanks Joe but I strongly believe I can get more notes inside my plants bigger plant growth for the next 4 weeks of flowering
  15. Eh I wouldn't transfer if you're in flowering at all. Should've started in hydro in the first place.
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    most strains have finshed the strech by week 3-4 in flower so the plants not going to grow much more,
    changing the over to hydro now, increase or decrease yield ?  you could give it a go, just remember this is a experiment so could increase yield or maybe you will stunt the plants and get a low yield, sorry my fiend I have no ideal how it would turn out,
    if you go for it I will try and give you the best advice I can :)
  17. I myself had five hydro's and two soil it turned out all were males except one soil I really wanna put it in a hydro bucket but since it jus started to flower I'm afraid I'm a begginer grower but its something I deffnwanna get better at I enjoy it for

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