move Over, Meth: Marijuana grow Houses An Increasing Menace What?

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    Uh, I don't know much about growing weed, so somebody please tell me, is anything in this article true? Because I do know it's a plant, and I have never heard of any plant that could do that much damage just by growing in a house...
    I know there's a lot of completely false stuff out there about this, but this just seemed outrageous. Thoughts? Mainly, I wanted to know if there was any truth to it, although I can't imagine that weed being in a house could possibly automatically mean you are stealing power and creating thriving colonies of fatal mold in the house.

  2. Propaganda at it's finest. Growing will not cause mild and stuff. Being dirty will, and if you're dirty and your house is nasty things like mold will grow whether there is plants or not. And they're acting like a hole in a wall for ducting is causing the house to collapse lol. 
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    Thanks for the response. That's pretty much what I figured -- it's just so blatantly false! It seems like they're just trying to spin what these gangs were doing in houses they probably didn't own themselves into what everyone does. So important to not believe everything you read.
    I am quite honestly outraged at how they compared it to meth, though. That is quite literally comparing a plant that grows in the wild to a chemical synthesized and cut with god knows what -- pretty much bald-faced lying if you ask me.
  4. Not all of it is blatently false.  If the grow system floods, it can soak the floors and walls, which eventually can lead to the mold problems.  A lot of the growers bypass the electric meter and fuck with the interior wiring.  As for the rest of the article, an author trying to add a little drama is my take.
    Moral of the story - don't buy a frickin' house without an inspection.
  5. Humidity is what is needed for mold to flourish.
    Real Estate is a huge lobby, in bed with the banks. Not surprising they are into propaganda. (Look at the National Association of Realtors and their impressive levels of campaign finance contribution.)
    A large grow op could cause mold issues, potentially. But that would be more likely under a prohibitionist policy in America, than if it were legal and people could grow a few plants of their own. So the answer is obvious:
    END PROHIBITION to "SAVE THE HOUSES!" (The children, think of the children! Now, it's: "think of the houses!")
    More special interest crapola.
  6. This...all the way. And what xdog said...don't buy a house without an inspection. And a good inspection at that!

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