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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Jimbob913, Jun 6, 2009.

  1. I have a nice bush going outside right now and I want to bring it inside to start 12/12 on it, is there anything I need to look out for? Any advice will be great, I am now into my first grow indoor and I have 4 plants that are about done, they have been on 12/12 since 4-20 and I have about 35% milky 45% clear 20% amber so I got about 2 weeks maybe 3 left. The plants are Kaya Fem'd from Nirvana and they are looking real perty especially 2 of em they got a big ole cola and a few good side shoots as well. I will post a pic this week, gotta go and check out the ole grow, PEACE!!
  2. I would suggest spraying for insects before bringing anything in. Outside plants can thrive with a few bugs, bring them inside and the bugs population will explode. I spent $6.95 on a box of ladybugs and let them loose in my room. They wiped out a small spider mite infestation in two days.
    I brought 6 plants in and out every day for two months, Just when they were one week to go they got ripped off. Each plant was so full of buds I was expecting an LB from each. Really cheap to use the sun instead of electicity.

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