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Mouth / Tongue ulcers!

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by SammySess, Sep 30, 2010.

  1. Hey guys,

    Ive had a light cold for the past few days but its recovering well.. only its ended with a real phlegmy cough... (my rule = no smoking until its better! :eek: lol)

    Ive been coughing really hard these past days and everytime i cough real hard the end of my tongue scrapes against my front teeth and now ive had this ulcer for a while. It BURNS when i eat or move my tongueeee ow ow owww!


    I have some dank MJ that has been infusing for 3 days now (no heat) in coconut oil. I couldnt take the pain of the ulcer so i remembered watching a video about Canna oil being extremely effective against skin problems.

    I got a cotton swab and dipped it in the oil and placed it on the ulcer, coating it generously.

    I hadnt even realized but 10 minutes later i was doing some work and i suddenly noticed... HEY!!! THERES NO PAIN!!!!

    Its like 80% much less pain than it was before the oil, and i can actually talk and chew effortlessly. PLUS coconut oil is already a great natural anti-bacterial and anti-viral remedy, and will also make u the more potent of canna oils ;)

    YAYYYYYYYY for MMJJJJJJJJJJJJ!!!!!!! This worked great!

  2. Haha i do almost the same thing except a bit more barbaric...i take a cotton swab and rub in VERY hard circles for maybe a second it hurts to much for much more haha, anyway i do this till the white/grey/yellow is gone and its just pink underneath ( i listed so many colours because iv read online they come those as well) after that theres no more pain even when i touch it, and i find that this not only cures the pain but if i do it daily for about 3 days itll clear up much faster than normal iv had them for as much as a month and a half before:( and there wasnt just one but a cluster of those fuckers:(but now they havent lasted more than a week cause i do this.
  3. that sounds fucking awesome.
    how long did it last?
    i get cankers every now and then, and they suck.
    if this shit works....................

    did it cause you to get a buzz due to it entering your bloodstream?
  4. #4 SammySess, Sep 30, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 30, 2010
    It lasted for like just over an hour but the oil im making is intended for 30 days of infusing but i used it yesterday which was day 3, so im guessing the more potent the more effective it will be.

    My tolerance is really high to MJ so im pretty sure 2 drops of the oil wasnt enough to give me a buzz lol

    I checked my ulcer this morning and its healing really nicely, its really great stuff!

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