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Mouth Swab drug testing

Discussion in 'Security' started by offlineafk, Oct 3, 2012.

  1. Recently got a job that required drug testing, so i did the usual, got the synth urine and was all ready until she told me it was just a mouth swab.

    I have no knowledge of this drug testing and what i read online are saying different things. My question is how long do i have to wait for my saliva to be clean after smoking?

    thanks in advanced
  2. Oh shit.
  3. I smoked about 4 bowls the nught before my mouth swab. Then i ate a shitload of cheese lmao. Supposedly it'll absorb the thc. Brushed my teeth twice the next morning and got the job.
  4. ive past every one ive taken and i just wouldnt smoke for 2 days... never tried but i heard listerine strips are supposed to help
  5. ive been taking swab tests for probation, i havent stopped smoking, and i have yet to fail one.... though i purchased a swab test to test how long that shit stays in my (personally) saliva...
    i could smoke and 12 hours later pass one without using adulterants... i can smoke and 10 seconds later pass one after swishing hydrogen peroxide around in my mouth hahahahhahah

    so i just swish h2o2 around in my mouth right before every test... no fails here
  6. Still when you think your gona piss in a bottle and you bought the little 45$ juice and they swab you ... -_- WHERE DOOMED
  7. Chances are unless you smoke right before you will not test positive for cannabis as oral swab tests have a much reduced time period of detection when compared to urine etc. I am speaking from personal experience as I was on a 6 month DRR whereby I had weekly oral swab drug tests and found that cannabis only tested positive if smoked within a matter of hours crack/cocaine around 1/2 days heroin around 1 day and unknown for MDMA, amphetamines and anything else they may test for.

    There are different cartridges which they use for the actual testing and not all are the same so you may only be test for hard drugs and not cannabis however there is a cartridge that tests for cannabis as well.

    Rinse your mouth with water beforehand and avoid smoking cannabis for 24 or 48 hours to be extra safe.

    I am talking from personal experience your test may well have different detection rates thus changing the outcome however if you can find the name of the tester you can find what levels they test for and thus predict how sensitive/accurate it will be.
  8. I failed one myself for thc. Smoked at 2am, went to bed, woke up to a call offering me a job and telling to me to come in to a swab test at 4pm. Ate some food, brushed my teeth 3 times with toothpaste and baking soda. Rinsed a couple times with listerine, Also rinsed with listerine in the parking lot before the test. They shipped the swab off to florida, got a call 2 days later that said positive for thc. Oh well, I really didn't want that job anyways. 14 hrs past tokage and a failed test.
  9. 96 hours and youd be golden...
  10. [quote name='"insanekyu"']Still when you think your gona piss in a bottle and you bought the little 45$ juice and they swab you ... -_- WHERE DOOMED[/quote]

    For real! I got a bottle down my pants with clean piss, and they decide to put a stick in my mouth -__-
  11. To the OP -

    So? What happened? Did you get the job? Pass the test?

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