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Mouth swab drug test.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by StinkyMagee, Aug 9, 2012.

  1. My buddy has to take one of these for a job and I've been told that these wont see anything if you haven't smoked in a week. Anybody know if this is true? Also he wants to smoke in a couple days with his interview coming up. Any good detox methods besides the usual drink water and workout stuff. I've heard baking soda in water but I dont know.
  2. I heard brushing your teeth REALLY good and good mouthwash before the test is good. A week should be enough time to show clean but I wouldn't go less than that just for reassurance.
  3. I applied for a job like 5 weeks prior to getting a call from a company asking me to come in for an interview, I smoked at 9 pm the night before, went to bed, woke up and at like 11 am they called me asking to come in for an interview, got drug tested at like 3 and got the job. They are jokes. And this was like 2 weeks ago, they have the most current tests and shit.
  4. Yep... I JUST went through this ordeal..... I'm here to tell you 100% fact!!!! They are bullshit weak ass tests! All I did was not smoke for 3 days before... Practice good hygiene (which this should already be a given). Anyhow... Oh but I did rince with peroxide just before going in for the test. I sweated balls for 3 days, worried as fuuuuuckkk..... But I passed. Your friend will be all good.
  5. Just throwing this out there but my girlfriend and i are frequent smokers (errday) and she got mouth swabbed like 12 hrs later for a test. She brushed n used mouth wash and passed no problem. These tests are a joke, probably a formality but definitely not accurate.
  6. Those mouth swab test have very short time periods to test positive. My mates mom used this to her advantage, quite cleverly to her credit. She doesnt approve of him driving stoned so would mouth swab test him before and after driving, smart idea, to bad he just said no.
  7. Yeah oral swab tests are easy to pass...all you need to do is rinse your mouth out with some mouthwash a few times or just use some high proof alcohol to do the same that before the test and you should be straight.

  8. It can only see if THC is in your saliva for the past 48 hours, I had to take one and passed. Your friend should be fine.
  9. I am a daily smoker, and have been for about 2 years.
    I went in for an interview today at a job that does mouth swab screening, but normally they don't do it the same day as the interview.
    However, the manager that I interviewed with seemed to really like me and told me he was going to hire me on the spot and that we could go ahead and take care of everything today.
    So I panic'd quite a bit, seeing as I have smoked every day for a long time, and also smoked about 4 hours before the interview.
    I was given time to go home and get a 2nd piece of ID, in that time I brushed my teeth 3 times, rinsed with mouth wash once, and Hydrogen Peroxide twice.
    I was given my test approximately 5 hours after I had smoked a fat bowl this morning, and about a quarter oz the night before.
    These are the results of my test
    Passed with no problems :)
    (This is a home test I had used about 20 minutes before the employer test)

    This isn't a cheapy 2$ walgreens swab either, it was 30$ and is known to be one of the most accurate home tests available.

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