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Mouse Party - What weed does to your brain

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by laxkush, Jan 6, 2013.

  1. Mouse Party

    Here is a pretty neat link on what different drugs do to actually get you "high". The mouse smoking is obviously the weed one, just drag and drop it into the chair. I thought it was cool so I figured I'd share with you guys.
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    wtf i must be high as hell this was meant to be a pm
  3. I saw this back in high school psychology.
  4. I got a kick out of this thank you =) Rep+
  5. Its pretty cool, i think it could give you a bit more info maybe but apart from that it was good.
  6. Nice I like it!
  7. i don't understand what the fuck they're talking about. what weed does to your brain is makes it awesome :)
  8. Thats what they say, just in a geeky way. :D
  9. I like that a respected website explains it and doesn't say anything bad about it.
  10. i still can't figure out one thing, Marijuana has such little addictive nature and doesn't alter your brain into dependence, and we all know how powerful heroin is, but it seems to act in a very similar way, except through the Endorphin receptors rather than the cannabinoid receptors. so, WHY is heroin so much more addictive? why does heroin "flood" the brain with dopamine and marijuana only "squirts" dopamine into the brain? is there something in heroin that causes the brain to continually produce MORE dopamine that wasn't explained? as is often said, people who use heroin often feel like nothing else gives them much pleasure anymore, so, why? and why do 2 drugs that -seem- to have similar affects on the brain have such DRAMATICALLY different results in both feeling and later behavior?
  11. Pretty interesting.
  12. I answered your chemistry question. i do however feel the need to tell you that I think that is i am sure your thread concerning it has been closed due to the no discussion about other drugs rule here at Grasscity. i would happily respond via e-mail if you are still intrested.
  13. hahahahaha what the flippin fuck
  14. Pretty good website actually. Bookmarked.

    I just wish it was less "cartooney"
  15. That was very interesting. Great post!
  16. Aha I watched this in my psych class last semester.

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