Mouse Party! (Mouse On Drugs)

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  1. Mouse Party

    I stumbled on to this and it shows you how a mouses brain reacts to driffents drugs.

    Enjoy :smoking:
  2. ahh its actually informative I like this site lol.
  3. hahahhaha. Although I already know all this information, this is a great (simple way) for people to understand a little about pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of the drugs involved on the site.
  4. the mau5 is in the house :cool:
  5. Wow I actually like that alot.

    I love how alcohol is the most complex one out of all the drugs. Heh.
    Go figure.
  6. How do they explain the DMT elves.....?
  7. Good find. +rep.
  8. The man who designed that site was my graduate advisor at the University of Utah.

    He also taught the undergraduate course "drugs and the brain" and is a pretty pro-drug use kind of guy.

    Very good site.
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    This is pretty cool. Informative and unbiased, although it seems a little simplified for Marijuana. Maybe that's because of how much we know about ganj :smoking:

    The mouse graphics are awesome too, haha. I was able to guess what they all represented before mousing over :p The mj one smokes his j like a real stoner does, pretty cool
  10. ya found the mouse party! nice man. i found it almost a year ago, the mice are awesome
  11. did you find this using :p thats where I first saw it.
    It is a very cool site though, I barely knew shit about drugs affected the brain before this.
  12. those are some cool mice
  13. Wow, this is pretty cool. Very informative without the propaganda.
  14. its rare to find a site that has non biased info on drugs, i remember stumbleing onto this a while ago,

    love it
  15. Wow, non-biased and informative. Excellent.
  16. Hahah I posted this link in the general sections along time ago.
    You reminded me how great it was.

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