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  1. How did everyone do this? I've been reading through some grow journals and it seems a lot of people have their lights screwed into a wooden block. Any guidance would be appreciated. At the moment I have my power strip mounted to the inside of my case with electrical tape. It works, but looks sloppy.

  2. My power strip had screw holes in the back. I super glued four screws in the holes, marked where I wanted the strip to be. Marked the screw holes. Drilled the holes, hung the strip and put nuts on the out side where the screws came through. That side of the case is to the wall. Some people use magnets. Poke a few holes and zip tie . If the tape fails the your plants get crushed.
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    I done 3 lights in my case, screwed to a wooden block. The wooden block was easy to fix in place using the holes from the rivets I drilled out of the case (to remove the drive bays and whatnot). I just fired in some screws to each hole that could 'see' the wood and it was fixed solid.
    Check out my pictures so far;

    In your wood drill a thick (2-3cm) hole where each light holder will be for wires to go through, and wire them up in parallel.
    It's quite simple to wire:
    The top one is a single light for example. You just wire the LIVE wire on your plug to the LIVE on your light, and the NEUTRAL to the NEUTRAL. (it doesn't actually matter which way around you do them on lights, but we use bayonet sockets here and I don't want to falsely presume for screw-ins)

    The bottom one is 3 lights to a single 3 amp plug. Only do this if the combined amps of the lights isn't more than the plug's fuse, and make sure the wire can take the load. A simple 0.75mm 2-core copper wire is more than enough for 3 20w (100w light-output) CFLs. All 3 only add up to about 0.25A, so you could actually get away with 9 bulbs to a single 3A fused socket (taking into account a 20% lee-way for constant running power), but a thicker wire might be needed.
    Anyway, you just wire a single light as before, but with each terminal add another wire and run it to the next light. Repeat for how many lights you have.
  4. Awesome, thanks guys!
  5. I just used zip ties to hang the power chord from the top so i can move it up and down easly
  6. I used j-b weld to paste the power strip to the bare wall. Be sure to use it generously if you decide to go this route. :)

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