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  1. well i curently have my CFL hanging from their own cords hanging straight down above my plants. y split and 2 bulbs per each fixture

    they are home depot clamp lamp fixtures with the reflector and clamps removed.

    i have seen some posts about how its best to have your compact florecent light horizontal rather then vertical. but i havent gotten good enough ideas on how to exactly do that and have it look clean and uniform.

    i have bought a serge protector and the type of light sockets that plug into it. so i can turn a surge protector into a 2-3 CFL fixture. but then i get back to wondering how the heck am i going to hang it. should i mount it on a 2x4 and hang the 2x4??? thats ghetto. i dont want to do that...

    so i really need some good CFL mounting help for my 4 foot long 2 foot deep 5 foot tall grow tent
  2. I would say thay if you use a Y splitter then they are slightly horizontal. 45 degrees?

    Place them right over your plant and they will get plenty. of light.

    other than that, it might get a lil complicated with some mounting and bracketing. but if you are doing that, then really, the possibilities are endless for affixing your lights. In a tent, it may be hard. I would say that your setup is ok tho!
  3. Dont worry about it. You should have the lights close enough to the plants taht the light is absorbed. I use the exact same setup you do for my tent CFL's and ive never had any problems. Same exact results as when i used a t5 setup.
  4. i just watched this video , i put it into my signature. this guy vegetates with t12 bulbs. 6 bulbs 4 feet long. so my cfl should be fine as is. i shouldnt stress to much about vegetative growth

    check out the video, really cool and really basic/easy

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