Mountain/Whitewater Tattoo Request

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  1. I've been looking at getting a tattoo with some mountains and a whitewater river coming out of them.
    The Best tattoo that I've seen that fits what I want is this one.
    I like the simpleness it has (I'm thinking I'd almost like it sketch style).

    In my version I think I want more trees(I like the bonsai style of the trees in that pic, But think a pine forest could look nice) And more of a slidey kind of waterfall instead of a straight drop...Like this drop(without the people :) )

    I dunno! I've been thinking about this tattoo for about 3 years now and I've just never gotten the art figured out. I'm not artsy at all so I really have a hard time getting everything I want right.... Maybe some of you artistic geniuses can help!

    Peace and thanks!:smoke:
  2. i suggest that you hit up an artist and see his portfolio.

    if you like what you see then check what he can draw for you.

    that way he cna trace the spot pf the tattoo nd make it fit ur body.

    with his own touch nd creation of course.
  3. good info man thanks!
  4. no problem bruh.

    good luck!

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