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Mountain Biking Tokers

Discussion in 'The Great Outdoors' started by Alwaysgreener, May 25, 2010.

  1. probably a repost but this video got me pumped and ordered a 2010 Giant Reign:D
    [ame=]YouTube - [MTB]freeride downhill[/ame]
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  2. i like to cruise around on my bmx. biking and blazing is dope and you can get to places quickly.
  3. Whats your guys' view on full face helmets?

    I'm thinkin about gettin one for the more downhill riding i'll be sure to do and just want to make sure I don't spend money on being the biggest douche in the history of mountain biking. Another reason I'd like to get one is so I dont break my face and have a bad time while I'm out trying to have a good time.

  4. The fact that you're taking this into consideration rules out any possibility of you being a douche, honestly. I see far too many people on some of the more serious trails in Colorado without a helmet, it's mind-boggling.

    If I were going to get into any serious downhill riding, I would definitely get a full-face helmet.
  5. Well, I just got back from a rather satisfying ride around the city. First, after smoking a bowl of this dank sativa blend, I hit up subway to get a sandwich. At that point I didn't know how far I was going to ride, but I headed toward the large city park here in St. Louis, Forest Park. There's a bike path that loops all the way around it, which is probably 5-6 miles long.

    I made my way to the park, through side streets and alleys which are fun dodging all the potholes and puddles (seriously). I started riding down one side, with nothing out of the ordinary and me having a good time. As I made my way to the first corner of the park, I went on a slight detour that would take me on a boardwalk through a marshy area. However, I noticed a disused track going into the small patch of woods between the path and a major road bordering a large hospital/medical school center, which I may be working in shortly.

    Anyway, I rode into this relatively open but hidden area of woods with a very large tree that would make a really chill and non sketch spot. It was pretty damn chill, so I decided to mark it with GPS on my phone for a future visit. I then rode up to the major road to try and avoid a hill. I actually ended up on top of a flat open hill adjacent to the interchange with this major road and the interstate, right in the corner of the park. It had a pretty chill view, and to my great amusement, I spotted some people huddled in the woods directly below me (the hill was pretty steep and tall). They were toking for sure, as they were pretty much hidden from everything, except this large open hill which no one would have a reason to walk on (besides high induced curiosity, of course). I had planned to take a picture at this location as it was quite a good shot, with a lake and all, which is when I spotted the fellow tokers (lol). I wondered if they saw me, as I was probably a good 50 feet in elevation above them. People don't often look up, I've learned, especially when they wouldn't have expected anyone to be up there. Still, I thought I could be freaking them out, since I was rather obviously taking a picture and using my phone, so I left, and rode down the hill.

    I then rode along the route of the old path which was actually ripped out, apparently to replace the path with a dual width path, an isolated section of which was complete. I then made it back to the current path and rode down the last side of the park which is a gentle but long hill where one can easily get up to 20 mph for a long while. Took me less than an hour to ride the 6 miles even with my exploring. Pretty fucking sweet. On the way home a saw a girl with a "PETA" shirt which I scoffed at until she passed me where I saw that it was actually for People Eating Tasty Animals :D.

    Definitely hitting up those spots sometime in the future.

    The attached photo is of the people toking. Look right in the center, just to the right of the tree with the lone shadow, you'll see em. Pretty funny eh?

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  6. i ride bmx and i smoke everyday at least once and ever since i started every day i really havent ridden as much i can tride when im high or even burnt out it sucks i wish i could but i just cant lol. Do you think it might be cause all the bud round me is all shitty and regs almost. Like are there uplifting buds that make you energetic?

  7. For sure there are. Any sativa dominant variety will probably make you energetic. Maybe it's just my personality, but whenever I smoke anything other than a full indica such as kush, I always want to go out and do something active. Riding my bike or skiing are two of my top choices.
  8. Mountain biking toker right here!!! I ride cross country. I never ride while high, but I love to do both. Love to go ride a trail, then come home and blaze. Any of you fellow Mtb tokers in Riverside county, CA? :smoke:

  9. Aww why not man? It's the best.
  10. Cross country biking is awesome when your really, really stoned. Got some nice trails up here in Canada.
    I can't handle the downhill when I'm stoned, but its awesome when your sober!
  11. The mountain biking here in Scotland is amazing!
    My 2011 Specialized Eduro arrived in october, took it away riding for a few days.
    Stayed in a small cabin with 2 mates, our bikes, and copious amounts of grass.
    We brought all our glass and spent the evenings blazing and loosening up after a good days riding. BLISS. :smoke:

  12. Want. All of it.
  13. Get yourself to Scotland dude.

    Was the best time I've had in a while man. Was great to get away from everything- when your our at places like that you really realise how stressful city life can be!
    I suppose that's why we've got the faithful 'erb :smoke:

  14. Hah, well I don't think I need to go to Scotland to do that :D.

    Going to Whistler next summer...should get most of that :D
  15. So jealous man! Mate of mine was at whistler for 3 months over summer, lucky prick.
  16. Damn, that would be amazing, 3 months. I'll probably only be there for like 4-5 days. In march I'll be going there to ski for 4 days. Can't wait.

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