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Mountain Biking Tokers

Discussion in 'The Great Outdoors' started by Alwaysgreener, May 25, 2010.

  1. Nice bike dude. I envy ya.

    I went trail riding today, with a friend. Smoked a bowl after I had ridden up (my friend doesn't smoke though), sure is fun on the way down. I can't wait to get to a lift serviced resort.

    Afterwards, McDonalds. Nice day. Gotta do it again sometime before winter comes.
  2. Just placed an order for one of dem new 2011 Specialized Enduro's. Specialized apparently had ONE left in uk stock.. Fingers crossed! I'm tall enough for the large size but ordered medium.. so i can chuck that baby about! :hello:

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  3. Hell yeah bro, my bike is still a 15" but it's a nice size for everything.
  4. I've been doing a lotta riding over the summer, mainly freeriding some dh but I need a bigger bike so I can do both better. Now it's time to sort out my injuries and start gettin some bud goin for myself.

    Anybody into bikes should be gettin ready for this new movie

    [ame=]YouTube - Life Cycles - Stance Films - OFFICIAL 2010 Mountain Bike Trailer 1080p[/ame]
  5. That film looks nice, although after watching that preview I still don't really know what it's about, besides bikes.

    And "the most efficient machine in the world". I have to laugh at that. Yes, the most efficient land vehicle in the world, not the most efficient machine. I can think of tons of simple machines that are more efficient.
  6. Just ordered a Fezzari Alta Peak the other day. Should be here soon.

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    It's just a bike movie man it's not anything to read into, they just have some amazing shots. I'm also pretty sure they are just talking about it as a vehicular machine.

  8. Looks nice, probably set ya back a couple hundred bucks :laughing:
  9. I wish I had "a couple hundred bucks" :p
  10. [​IMG]

    2010 Kona Kahuna. :love:

    Just went Clipless (Shimano SPD's) with her, which is really unnerving at first but I seem to be getting used to it - steep trails scare the ever-loving shit out of me clipped in, though. Still, I am determined to keep at it; I have a fantastic pair of shoes with great cleats, so clipping in came very easy to me.

    I'm definitely going tubeless soon. I can't tell you how many flats I have had to patch in the field and I am growing weary of buying 29er tubes on a weekly basis.

  11. Yeah sure did. It should pay for itself in fun tho.

  12. This.
  13. Yeah i used to pretty often. Had a nice gary fisher. Now i go to school in the city though, so no mountain biking for me. :(

  14. Yeah man I know how it is :(
  15. That sucks we're so dedicated in the NW that EMBA funded and built a mtb park under I-5 in downtown Seattle, it's pretty sweet for the wet days but I love gettin out in the mud. Speaking of which I'm goin riding later today it's been raining pretty much this whole week so the trails should be nice and muddy :devious: I'll bring my camera and take some pics for ya guys

  16. Ah dude I hate the mud. I don't have disc brakes yet so there's that issue, but mostly it just makes it that much harder to go the same distance.
  17. I love riding my bike. I really want to start hitting big trails. I have a Specialized Hardrock, nothing too insane, but a good hardtail for a novice like me. and i love riding it stoned
  18. 29ers are fantastic starter bikes, I've found. They really build your confidence when rolling over rough trails and still maintaining a decent level of control.

    I'm giving my Kahuna a serious cleaning tonight, as she is filthy and it's really impairing her speed.
  19. Took my bike out for a test ride yesterday on a short 2 mile trail.

    Such a nice bike, everything is sturdy and it rolled over the rocks and other obstacles with easy. My gooch is sore from the seat, but I had a great time

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