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Mountain Biking Tokers

Discussion in 'The Great Outdoors' started by Alwaysgreener, May 25, 2010.

  1. i have a bike that is slowly collecting dust in my garage. :/ i really want to get into it but feel like i need to quit smoking cigarettes before i attempt it. my lungs are no bueno

  2. It really depends. MTBs are going to be heavier, but the mass of the bike only matters if you're accelerating a lot or going over hills. Basically, once you get going on a flat surface the mass of the bike doesn't make a difference. What makes the difference is mostly rolling resistance (since air resistance isn't affected much at all by the type of bike). A smooth tire at a high pressure is going to have the least rolling resistance, but you'll feel every bump and crack and you have to stay on pavement. If you have a MTB with hybrid tires (smooth in the middle with some tread and studs on the outside), you'll have a low rolling resistance and decent off road performance. You could also run a bike with no suspension with these and save weight, but your curb hopping ability better be pretty good without front suspension.

    My choice is to go with a hardtail MTB and if I'm riding on the road a lot to just inflate my tires to the max pressure. This allows me to ride off road if i need it (you can always bleed air out of your tires with your finger if you want) but still ride off road. I don't live in a very hilly area so i can live with my heavier frame.

    Hope that helps dude! Cheers

  3. you summed up a cyclocross bike to me. they're fun, but a little too road-specific.
  4. Fuck yeah, went mountain biking on the local trails with a couple of my buds yesterday. There's a bench a pretty decent ways down the main trail that is in a shady dome created by a tree behind it and it's off the main trail. There's no possible way to sneak up on someone at this bench so we always blaze there. Yesterday we had some OG Kush topped with kief and had a nice blazey ride. We didn't do any really hard trails, mostly mellow, but there's one part where you gotta ride across a really thin wooden plank across like a 20 foot stream, and then I bombed a pretty gnarly wooden staircase. It was a great time! I always love hitting a few bowls and then hitting the trails.
  5. Shit. This isn't really about mountain biking but today while on a leisurely ride around the streets, I decided to go on the sidewalk. I shot for a driveway, but one that was cut a bit so there was still a little gutter. I hopped my front wheel over the gap and my rear hit kinda hard, and instantly deflated. I was like...shit, that's anticlimactic. I was a 30 minute walk from the bike shop and 30 minutes from closing time. Anyway, I walked home which was closer, and when I put the bike up on the stand to pull the wheel off, I discovered that my flat wasn't caused by the impact and overpressure (my tires were at 50 PSI), but actually by a pointy stick about 1 cm in diameter and 4 cm long that had embedded itself 3 cm straight into the tire! I was pretty damn surprised when I saw that, and so was everyone at the bike shop. I ended up having to get a whole new tire as the hole in the punctured tire was pretty big to keep riding on. I think what happened was that the stick was lying in the gutter and I happened to have to bad luck of my rear wheel coming right down on it.

    So yeah, I managed to ruin a tire and tube with a stick.
  6. CAT 3 XC Racer here. Hopefully doing a CAT 2 Race in a few weeks.
  7. Dude, I love that green color, very nice.
  8. I would love too but ya know being here in florida...there ain't to many mountains hahaha
  9. I'm thinking of upgrading my bike with disc brakes and tubeless tires. I don't know when that will be though as it will cost 4-500 dollars. I'm thinking Avid BB7s as I don't need hydraulics (as much as I would like them, I would need to replace my levers and then there's the hassle of hydraulic lines that bowden cables don't have) because I'm not riding huge long trails.
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    Just started to get into mountain biking. I also got a Free Rockhopper. I believe it is a 2000 or 2001 model. I dont think its to bad for a starter bike, its got a real nice seat and post on it, Thudbuster LT
  11. Thanks man, yea i used to work at a sports authority and talked to a few guys there once that were lookin for some bike accesories and they said they did all their riding up in north florida and thats where all the best trails were. But the spots they were talkin about are a hell of a ride, in my immediate area theres really no decent trails to ride that i know of atleast. But i'll definately check out that link and see if theres maybe somewhere in my area that i don't know about.
  12. I bike commute to my work 16miles each way...most of the commute is on a bike trail system that borders many green belt areas perfect for guerilla growing and toking...I leave early and tend the garden...bikes and ganja go hand in hand!:D
  13. I ride every other day, at least 15 miles.....I'm addicted. I like the high man, you know like runners high, the harder you push your body the faster the pain leaves and the sense of euphoria comes over you. Weed enhances this experience tremendously.

    I have two bikes, a GT mountain bike that i customized and a Cannondale road bike. The bike i ride depends on the trail conditions. Here in western pa, they tore up miles of old railroad tracks and made them bike trails.
  14. I have been riding for 5 months or so and im so hooked. I ride every day. If i cant hit the trails I ride around my town. the harbison state forest is about twenty minutes away from my house. There are some pretty nice trails there for being so close to columbia. Ihave been driving to augusta very frequently to ride FATS. If you havent been GO!!!! its so fast and flowy. Next time I go ill take pictures

  15. They've done some of that here as well, but while it's a nice ride it is fairly understimulating, and it's a bit far from me, but oh well everything is really. It's just flat and straight.
  16. I agree, i do like to hit the dirt fairly often.....there's a 6 mile loop mountain bike trail at a nearby state park and a 14 mile paved path that is very fast, and has a lot of dips, steep grades, and sharp turns...extremely hard to do on a road bike, you need the control of a mountain bike or hybrid.
  17. Yeah, I love the tight turns you can take with your tires at 30 psi.
  18. I used to ride my bike daily. I have a Norco 125, I ride dirtjumps. I stopped when some addictions got out of hand, I havent went riding in about 2 years. I should start up again next summer.
  19. new wheels


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