Mountain bikers,,,

Discussion in 'General' started by TooSicKs, Jan 30, 2003.

  1. Are there any here?

    I ride mostly everyday here, mostly urban trials, hopping around, riding down stairs but at least once a week I try to do some serious climbing, which is pretty mich everywhere here. I love gettin blazed and going out riding around town and just blasting down stairs and off dropoffs. My neighbor rides too and we tear shit up pretty hard around town. I can ride either urban, fire roads, or some pretty gnardogg singletrack all from out my front door. The urban riding around here is gnarlier than a lot of trails, with so many steep drops, stairs, ledges, walls and all kinds of cool stuff to ride.

    How many of you like to get lifted and ride?
  2. I used to and its great excersise, but I nolonger have the bike, i would love to get back into it though :)

    no spandex for me though

  3. haha i used to make fun of spandex queens for years until this year when i finally broke down and bought some shorts and a few lycra shirts. now i don't care how goofy i look in it cause it's comfortable as hell. no more atomic wedgies, bunched up crusty sweaty shorts, no more hooking the saddle nose on a sagging or loose crotch or short leg, and u don't work against friction of clothes. The downside is that spandex don't really present a tough barrier to guard against roadrash so when i try stuff that i know i'm gona pile a few times in the process i usually wear some hevay skate pants and don't worry about a short slide on rocks or asphalt or down some stairs.

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