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Mouldy weed, can I make ISO hash from it?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by gregger, Jul 24, 2017.

  1. Hi,

    As the title says...I fucked up on a batch of Northern Lights where I didnt dry it for long enough and it has mould on it...rather than throw 2 ounces of it away, I was thinking maybe its ok to make some ISO hash out of it? Seeing as it seems pretty straight forward to do, and looks alot less hectic than making oil.

    Any thoughts?

    Cheers from the UK
  2. No
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  3. Thanks.

    Is there anything I can make from it? Surely its not totally screwed?
  4. You can't make hash with ISO at all.
  5. QWISO, I am mistaken. I have just watched 3 youtube vids and people have been doing it
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  6. Cannabutter is an easier option


    good luck
  7. Anyway, anything you do with it you risk contaminating with the mold. Use a solvent? Guess what, the solvent is extracting from the mold just like it's extracting from the weed. Cooking with it? That oil didn't just extract stuff from the pot, it extracted it from the mold as well. Smoking it...obviously you're smoking the mold, as well.

    And none of these things necessarily are awfully dangerous in and of themselves. Rather, it's that there are so many different species of fungus and they can be extraordinarily difficult to tell apart from one another in some cases, and a sizeable number of fungi are poisonous - some lethally so. Unless you are a mycologist capable of guaranteeing the mold is nontoxic, as a point of safety you simply must assume that it is dangerous and unfit for consumption in any form. My guess though is that if you're asking the question, then you are like me in the sense that you can't tell whether it's dangerous or not.

    Actually, the idea of making a solvent-made hash oil may at first seem attractive because the solvent will surely kill the fungus. In reality, this may be the worst possible thing you could do with moldy weed, worse even then simply smoking or eating it. The reason being if the mold is poisonous, then not knowing what substance in it is toxic we can't know that the solvent won't extract, and in turn concentrate, the poison.

    Best case scenario is the mold is safe to consume and will simply make things taste funny no matter how you use it. Worst case scenario, you make QWISO and the alcohol extracts a poison from the fungus, concentrating the poison along with the THC in your end product and you or someone you care about is harmed by your product just because you wanted to get every last bit of stash out of it as you could.

    In sum:
    1. there is a chance that the mold is harmful to humans
    2. if it is harmful to humans, there's a good chance the harm is because of a toxic substance produced by the mold
    3. if you can't identify the mold yourself, you should assume that it is toxic and your weed is unfit to consume
    4. if it is toxic, then there's a real chance that making a concentrate may accidentally also concentrate the poison

    I wouldn't chance it, personally.
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  8. Thank you, this is just the answer I was looking for. Although its not the preferred one, its a logical one.

    I grow in the UK and its stressful with the law, and its like I have wasted 100 days of effort because I fucked up in the last few days of curing. It just so hard to chuck it in the bin, but I guess I literally will have to
  9. Yeah, sorry for your luck - that's too bad! My sister lived in the UK for two nonconsecutive years during university (once as an undergraduate, and then for her graduate program) and she's told me she couldn't figure out if it was the climate or that Americans simply put too much preservative in our food, but that her bread would go moldy with lightning speed over there. I wonder if maybe the generally cooler, damper climate than we have in most of the US makes mold a bigger problem for growers in the UK?

    Anyway, before you simply throw it all out, look to see if there's some sort of service near you which could potentially test and identify the mold. I'd say the chances are probably higher that it is safe than that it is dangerous, I just think it would be irresponsible to assume that it is safe. But if you can get a sample of the mold off of the cannabis, there might be some company which specializes in indoor environmental safety, food quality, or some other field with an office nearby who for a small fee might be able to help you out. If you can find a way to get the mold identified and it turns out to be no more harmful than the mold in blue cheeses, then you're good to go at least as far as cooking or something is concerned. Or making concentrates. If it tastes like garbage but its safe to use and does the job, it may be better than nothing.
  10. Mate what a great idea, I will look in to that! I did smoke some, but was getting headaches and thats what made me look at it under the microscope, and sure enough, I saw the mould. You can barely see it with the naked eye.

    Yeah our bread only lasts a few days, but I eat brown/wholegrain, if you buy white its loaded with shite and lasts a lot longer haha.

    And yea its the damp. I actually had to stop my curing process early as the smell was getting too strong in my attic and friends were asking questions when coming over etc and it made me paranoid. I do have a batch that is ok from another plant so I'll be alright.

    Cheers for your help again man
  11. No worries! I'll cross my fingers for you that it all goes as planned. In the meantime, try to think of a plausible story if they ask you nosy questions...hops are closely related to cannabis, maybe you could say you brew your own beer at home and like to grow hops as a hobby but you're worried that your last batch isn't good? IDK if that's plausible or not lol :)
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