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  1. Does anybody no if mould spores can get through a carbon filter?
    Any information would be great!
    Thanks in advance

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  2. Yes ….. but honestly air born Fungi spores are everywhere …. i
    What kind of mold ?
  3. Most air filtration systems use a UV-C light that kills everything single celled .
    UV-C Light emits a deadly ozone that kills everything singled celled so if the light doesn't kill the fungi the Ozone will .
    Do you have black mold ?
  4. Basically I left some fruit in my room last night and forgot about it.. well I remembered 12 ish hours later and it had started to go slightly Mouldy.. the only way it could get in my tent is through a carbon air filter.. hence my question I’m hoping not as I’m nearly done

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  5. Yes it can. The mold spores were probably already on your fruit though. Most everything at the grocery stores are covered in the spores anyways.
  6. Shit man really hope it doesn’t effect my babies there looking beautiful

    Thanks for the reply aswel side appreciate it

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  7. Hi
    You might want to study or research mold .
    There are more mold/fungi spores on this earth then anything else like as pebbles of sand or bacteria .
    The spores are everywhere … inside your grow tent and out....
    Mold lives in sub zero temps and in space .. Nasa tested it .

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