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  2. What's the humidity in your room? Sounds like you need a dehumidifier.
  3. Sorry should’ve included that when the humidity/condensation issues first came about I tried to control it with moisture absorbers and stuff like that but after minimal luck I ended up getting a dehumidifier. I got a decent one cost me over $500 but RH still fluctuates between around 50-70%. I think the main issue too was that before the dehumidifier I had only one oscillating fan and first signs of PM had shown already. I personally think had I had the dehumidifier from the start it would have been okay (rh before dehumidifier was around 70-90%) but due to the mould already starting and the 50-70% humidity after getting it plus water leaks that sat there for a little have all just fueled it. I just inspected again no pm what so ever and no bud rot even in the biggest colas also checked with a scope incase of any micro sizes spores. I can’t figure any reason how it hasn’t spread to it other then the silica additive. I think my best bet is chop it down while I’m still lucky instead of playing with fire do you agree?
  4. My areas humidity is ranging between 92% most mornings and dips down to 50-60 mid day and slowly creeps back upto 80-90s by night so even though the dehumidifier isn’t getting it to ideal range it’s still doing a lot about 20 litres of water a day it’s unreal
  5. 2nd dehumidifier?
  6. That’s an idea definitely something I need to consider for next round. Devistated I’ve come this far but will most likely need to pull early due to the spores being in there I don’t want to be greedy and try push through just to have to bin the whole thing. Not so fussed about the 8 week strains but the 9 week is going to be too early for my liking 12 days early
  7. Got a photo of the plants? Add AC?
  8. Last ditch effort? Can u remove them from the tent? (if the tent is wet) Space them out & hit them with fans. High rh or not at least they r not wet (hopefully) if u can keep the tent condensation free, put them back??? :confused_2:
  9. They can’t be moved unfortunately, I’ve made so many attempts to keep it condensation free even have a material strung along the perimeter to stop them resting in the condensation. Everytime I dry the wall where I can it just comes back overnight due to low temps which is leaving a perfect environment for spores to form. My main concern is that knowing how mould works (shoots spores everywhere), the plants very likely already have spores on them? Im using a really good silica additive that’s been doing wonders but I’m starting to stress that I’m pushing it with how much I’m relying on it. Thinking of harvesting/deep cleaning room/chucking back in to dry. What would your personal opinion be? I’m worried due to the pm spreading on floor and slowly jumping up to condensated areas on walls too that I’m cutting it very close to spores appearing on the plants now, at the same time though the spores showed up approx a month ago and my dumb ass thought it was residue from the food spillage so I kneeled on it and was wiping it off with a rag and so far plants have been okay I really want to push it out to finish in 12 days or at minimum an extra 3-4 but I feel that I’m being greedy and pushing my luck
  10. It may be time to think about future grows & cut your loses??? :confused_2:
  11. You less than 2 weeks. It’s hard to say without pictures but I think you’ll be fine. Treat what you can see the best you can and ride it out. Eagle 20 ew works great for surfaces but I wouldn’t get it on anything you plan to smoke. You can spray the affected leaves with a baking soda solution, 1 tbs backing soda to 1gal water and a few drops of soap so it doesn’t bead up should get you through
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