motown chunk and future island grow 600 watt hps

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  1. I recently purchased a few seeds from bonza's rock n rollups collection. Motown chunk and future island. I looked around to see if anyone online had grown them and i didnt find anything so i figured i would put the rest of my grow online just in case someone needed a reference. Anyways im at the beginning of week 2 of flower. I have a 4x4 tent with a hydroponic setup and a 600 watt hps air cooled hood. Temps at a steady 77 degrees. I have 3 plants in the tent. The two mentioned before and a third strain, the doctor. I didnt include that one because there are millions of grow journals with that strain online already. Here are a few pics of the two plants. The motown chunk is the taller plant and future island is the short one. I will be updating from here on out.

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  2. Thanks for your post, i look forward to your updates.
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  3. No prob
  4. Im at the end of week 4 in flower and both motown chunk and future island are showing great and fast bud development. The aroma is getting strong as well. The motown chunk is the most pungent. I can smell it over everything else. Its a strong sweet candy type smell and its very sticky to the touch. The future island gives off a weird scent of pinewood spice and fruit and is also sticky to the touch. I habe about a month and a few days to go before im done. Will keep posted
  5. Motown chunk 1504918825529207754654.jpg 1504918880631453306514.jpg 15049189128731150647083.jpg

    Future island

    15049189573331453916528.jpg 1504918995019527493505.jpg 15049190210151315668183.jpg 15049190658881510298079.jpg
  6. Thanks for the update.
  7. No prob. Fyi the reason ths motown chunk leaves are curled is because the plant got a little too tall for the light so parts of the plant dont get too much of it
  8. im from mo-town and never heard of mo town chunk lmao.
    Looks dank tho. Nice sativa strain.
    Good luck!
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  9. That's interesting. I'd like to know where bonza seeds got these from if they're not from mo-town.
  10. Lol
  11. Its definitely dank tho. Imma let this one grow longer than usual so i can get the max potency. Then ill let u know
  12. Honestly idk where they got them from. Im just growing it because the thc level is supposed to be between 18 and 19%
  13. That looks like to much nitrogen

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  14. Too much nitrogen means that im using too much gh bloom?
  15. Nvm i guess mo-town is detroit.

    Well we call were I live mo-town too lhh.
  16. At the beginning of week 6 and the buds at really starting to show. Ill let them go for another 3 weeks just to be on the safe side.

    Future island
    20170918_172330.jpg 20170918_172424.jpg 20170918_172553.jpg

    Motown chunk

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  17. Motown chunk

    1505771907372598647813.jpg 15057719572521832113419.jpg
  18. Middle of week 8. Managed to snap a few pics of them while they slept. Most of the hairs have turned orange. Will give it about another 2 weeks before i start to flush

    Future island

    Motown chunk

    Future island

    Motown chunk

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