Discussion in 'General' started by stopsnitchin, Jul 27, 2007.

  1. whats up city?

    is anyone here into motorsports?

    drag racing, auto cross, drifting, rallying, time attack etc

    what kind of cars do you drive?
  2. i watch nascar,,,,, and dirt track outlaws get down,,,,

    i think id be a good dirt track racer,,,, once the engine revved all the way up,,, id throw the pedal out the window and hold on m-fer,,,,,,:p
  3. oh shoot!! that was my 420th post!
  4. damn dude,,,, thats radical looking,,,, w.t.f.,,, is that in front of the bumper...

    i aint never seen no shit like that....

    so your a road racer i take it,,,, been watchin too many reruns of the fast and the furious,,,,

    just fukin with you,,,, + rep for having a wild ride...;)

    oops look like ive gave you some rep in the past.... maybe later
  5. hahahahahahaha

    stock suspension so all i do is go in a straight line.

    btw its an intercooler
  6. heres my car. i love all motorsports.




  7. so oyu pick up much pussy ,,, in that ride,,,, just dont rearend noone...

    or your fucked..:p
  8. i assume he has a bumper that goes over the intercooler, its just a glamor shot.
  9. i dont know it'd take a big bumper to cover that thing up
  10. dude it fits behind the stock bumper, its not that big.
  11. o.k.,,, i see now the bumper is gone in the original picture,,,,

    i thought it was some shit out of a batman movie or something......

    i ride a motorcycle [ nighthawk ] these cars and thier ''gimmicks'' are new to me...:cool:
  12. yea it fits over fine. I took it off cuz i was gonna spraypaint the trust logo on it but I never did.


  13. reps to my fellow boosted brother. turbo 4 life!!
  14. i changed my sig,,, how you like it?
  15. i love it!!!! i was going to rep you for it
  16. was?? i mean i AM muhahahahahhaahhaha

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