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  1. so do any of you blades enjoy the 2 wheeled fun of motorcycles?
    I am a Harley freak. I love my bikes and I hope to ride to Hollind some day. Park and toke all day.
  2. HIGH All, another Hog lover here...but....Rocdog says those days gone. We'll see what happens when I turn 50 and maybe be in the wind once more.
  3. Get in the wind brother. Let nothing allow you to stop the freedom of two wheels. Keep the faith.
    Harley Davidson!!! the eagle flys alone!!!
  4. a 1951 BSA B31, hey did you's hear that one of the biggest museums of bikes in the world in England burned down........they lost over 700 classic bikes mostly british....most irriplaceable....saved approx 250.....£9 million of damage to the building and over £5 million in bikes...........Such a loss...........Peace out........Sid

    i think my bro's gonna loan them this for a few years till they get back on there feet, maybe a lot more will help them as well!.......

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  5. That fucking sux. I cant believe that. I haden't heard that had happend. WOW. Please help them It is a shame for the world of bikers not to see their history. It is going to the dogs with all these newbies and they have no idea what the real world of motorcycles is about.
    With a ride like that I bet your a rocker, or was once one.
    hears my new ride I killed my 64 and had to sell it to a builder to fix it.
  6. Don't have a picture of mine but I found one just like it

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  7. my father had a BSA b33 1953 model, but sold it 2 years ago.... :)

    (He has a Suzuki gsx-r 750 and a Honda CBR 600 now..)

    I got a light mc, a Honda NSR 125 ;)
  8. i love sport bikes, my 996 is a non stop adrenaline rush

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  9. that is one slick looking bike...

    i have a 50 cc yamaha that i use to get to the pool and gym in my apartment complex, haha....

    Anyone watching boys toys week on the history channel? They had a big segment on motorcycles... it was pretty interesting, like the whole history of them...
  10. I've been riding four-wheelers and dirtbikes for several years now. Currently I have a kx125, but I am saving for one of these:

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  11. Yeah, I get out once in a while and have a good thrash...


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  12. bikes are cool.. but my pleasure wont be to ride them, it would be fixing them up, and getting dirty fixing the motor, and body, and give a double gloss finish paint.....

  13. ready to be undercoated :D
  14. im tryin to find a bike for my kids for christmas...dont know wether to go a 50 or an 80...theyve never ridden before....

    man theyll love it..

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