Motorbike bong

Discussion in 'High Ideas' started by bigbuddahmaster, Apr 15, 2012.

  1. Just got back from a motorbike ride lit up a fat blunt and thought if someone mada a motorbike where you filled the gas tank and oil shit with canaoil turnt that shit on and reved it up while someone had there mouth roud the exhaust it would be modified obvs hahahah
  2. That would be a great way to die.

    BTW would the mufflers not heat up and fry your lips?

    And would the smoke not be of such a high temp that it would incinerate or melt your respiritory system? But then again it's a bong, so I'm assuming it has some method of cooling the smoke before it reaches the knucklehead, something like ... I dunno dry ice?

    This would be like a cross between a smoke bong and a beer bong. I can hear it now ... CHUG!!! CHUG!!! CHUG!!!
  3. Good idea, you could fill ur tank up have a party nd leave it running inside the house... I bet the party's over before the tanks empty hahaha
  4. Like someone already said, thats a great way to die.

    Interesting idea, but you would die. Not just from the heat of the smoke/exhaust pipe, but all the toxins in the bike itself. I cant imagine its good to inhale grease.

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