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  1. Just started a new project. The beans went into dirt on may 24th.

    Jack Herrer
    Girlscout Crack
    And 1 Kush Auto fem

    Feeding flora trio the entire grow + calmag and KoolBloom for flowering. All plants are sitting in 1 gallon pots of happy frog. And will be transplanted into 5 gallon pots of happyfrog when the time comes.
    I'm using a 3x3 footprint, and will be upgrading to a 5x5 soon. Also looking into a 1000w hps light, or something equivalent. I'm ready to be getting a couple pounds per grow not a couple ounces anymore.
    I will be topping soon and possibly some other training. Still deciding.

    Anyway . They look great so far, maybe a slight ph issue at first because my pen was not calibrated. But it is now so should be good. I'll keep this updated once a week.
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  2. Day 30 from seed. All have been transplanted into final 5 gal pots and the auto flower is finishing in the 1 gal.

    I hope they take off soon!

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  3. Here we are at day 47 from seed. They are loving the new 1000w m/h. This is my first time tieing down and it clearly opens them up for more budsites. I've topped a couple times as well. Anyways. I think I'll veg them for another 30 days so sometime around August 10th I'll flip to 12/12. I'm REALLY hoping for 1gpw. Which I know for sure is possible with my setup!

    20190709_130431.jpg 20190709_130413.jpg
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  4. Shaping up nicely, no doubt you’ll be pulling a couple pounds in no time!
  5. Hey thanks bud! I sure do hope so!
  6. Day 50 from seed. I finally got my temps under control after adding the 1000w hps. Built a window vent and exhausted the light outside, and I actually am running duct from my 3x3 through the light and out the window. It goes from the 3x3 to the light out the window. It's working perfectly.
    Temps were down to 82 steady and then I added another inline fan at the bottom pushing cool room air into the tent and it looks like it's down to 79-81 consistently. So that's perfect. My RH is kind of low and adding wet towels does increase it but it is such a pain in the ass sometimes I just forget to do it.
    I continue to lst and tie the plants down. The new growth is directly exposed to the light which is clearly working in my favor. I'm thinking I'll have some massive bushes after I go 12/12 at the first of the month. So 70 days from seed I switch to 12/12. Seems like a very decent veg time.
    They are still on 1/2 strength nutes which are giving absolutely no sign of burn so I think next feed I'm going to up to 3/4th strength maybe even full strength and see what happens. I also ordered some diamond nectar to start giving them humic acid. All in all I've never had plants this healthy. Literally no ph or any type of deficiencies. I'm stoked for flowering. Still hoping to hit my 2lb goal which is basically 1 gram per watt which would actually yield me about 2.2 pounds.

    20190712_200641.jpg 20190713_004129.jpg 20190713_004132.jpg 20190713_004148.jpg 20190713_004134.jpg
  7. Day 54
    Did some foliar feeding with diamond nectar and armor si. Also did some more defoliation and tieing down. Spreading them out even more. I cant say I like my manifolds but this is the first time I've ever tied plants down. So I am learning. But I'm positive that I'll be mainlining my plants from now on. Seems so much better easier and more efficient.

    Anyways I plan on flowering around day 70. And hoping the budsights can get some vertical growth by then. I'm going to start hitting them hard with the nutes. Right now they are at 1/2 strength and showing literally no signs of burn or deficiency. So I'll be doing 3/4 starting next feed as well as incorporating armor si, diamond nectar, and liquid KoolBloom as they transition into flowering. I'm really hoping for 1gram per watt. I will be extremely happy if I hit that goal. That puts me around 2.2 pounds. Using 6 plants in 5 gallon pots.

    Anyways here are some pics. They always look better a day or 2 after tie downs, and defoliations.

    20190716_032756.jpg 20190716_032940.jpg 20190716_032911.jpg 20190716_033005.jpg 20190716_032744.jpg
  8. Had a change in plans and we are moving sooner than I thought so had to flower 2 weeks earlier which sucks because I think the extra 2 weeks would have added much more growth. Anyways I still think I will have a very nice yield still hoping for 1gpw.

    I've started using armor si and diamond nectar and I have to say... even an hour after today's feed they look better than they ever have. They look so damn good. Today is day 2 of 12/12.
    Oh and I added 3 autocobb 55's in the tent as well.

    20190718_073436.jpg 20190718_073442.jpg 20190718_073444.jpg 20190718_073057.jpg 20190718_073311.jpg
  9. Just a quick pic of my lineup that I'm using for this grow. I really think this lineup is a quality one, and one that I will stick with until the bottles are empty. As you can see my plants are getting literally everything they could ever want or need.
    I started with 1/4th strength of the reccomended schedule on the back, and went up to 1/2 strength. Absolutely no signs of burn or lockout or anything. These plants handled nutes like a beast, and I think I will end up at full strength in the next 2 weeks.
    Ps : I feed every other watering.

  10. Well, 7 days I to 12/12 and these girls are really going now. The stretch is on and there are a few pistils here and there. Looking forward to seeing how my lst worked!
    20190723_040913.jpg 20190723_040916.jpg 20190723_040853.jpg 20190723_040909.jpg 20190723_040917.jpg 20190723_035158.jpg
  11. Day 10 of 12/12
    After last nights feed they have literally exploded. So robust and awesome looking. The stretch is definitely on.
    20190726_081626.jpg 20190726_081630.jpg
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  12. Today is day 13 of 12/12. They seem to be coming along. Flowering is more visual each day and jeez these ladies drink alot! They pretty much show signs of thirst every 2-3 days now. They look amazing. I've had literally no sign of burn or any deficiency the entire grow which has never happened to me before so I'm stoked. And in currently at 1/2 strength for my entire nutrient lineup and I think I'll keep it that way unless they show some deficiency at some point.
    I am however still combatting heat. This 1000w puts out alot of it. And sometimes it gets around 86 at the top of the canopy even if I raise the light a bit. Its 100 degrees during the day right now so it's hot. Sometimes it's around 82 but alot of the time it reads 84-86 which I cant seem to shake. So I go in there often and open the tent for 20 or 30 minutes at a time.

    20190729_071708.jpg 20190729_072856.jpg 20190729_071650.jpg 20190729_071310.jpg 20190729_071152.jpg 20190729_071631.jpg 20190729_072846.jpg 20190729_072855.jpg 20190729_072843.jpg
  13. Get some LED baby!
  14. Show me and with output and penetration like a 1000w hps and I might.
  15. I think output has been proven. Plenty of people's posts/journals show that. Just deleaf hard or post or scrog/trellis to open that plant but but yea penetration is still the wild card.

    Lights I got running have 60 degree optics to help with penetration and thats working pretty well. I got light pushing down through about 4feet. We'll see final result though but I think it'll be good.
  16. I did some research a few months back. And found that to get an LED that will solo a 5x5 and match or superseed a 1000w hps would cost me about $1000-$1200

    Which I'm not opposed to. But for 30-60$ a month and I can run a 1000w hps with minor heat issues. I see pros and cons in both honestly
  17. Yes. So you pick up energy savings in input watts to lights, AC savings which is like 1/3 of light watts saved, bulb cost savings, and you can get higher intensity in low overhead situations. But yeah its for sure an investment.
  18. Little update
    The 6 ladies are still trucking along putting on flowers. They just got a phat feeding today and everytime I feed they explode so I'm stoked to check them out later tonight. I have 2 favorite 1 of them is the only girlscout crack, and the other is one of the jack Herer. They Look so good, and put the other 4 to shame.
    I had 3 blackjacks in the tent that were much younger but still looking awesome. I decided to throw them in 5 gallon buckets, mainline them, and put them back in veg for another month. I think revegging them wont cause too much trouble. There were only a few pistils.
    20190731_091910.jpg 20190731_092323.jpg 20190731_092331.jpg 20190731_091913.jpg 20190731_091916.jpg
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