Motocole's LSD/CriticalKush HLG 600 Grow

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    What do you do at the end of a run? Start another one. This time around ill be running Barneys farm genetics.

    5x LSD
    5x Critical Kush ( 1 will be kept as a mother for cloning)
    5x5 Vivosun
    6inch Hurricane Exaust
    600w HLG from Alibaba
    1512 pcs Samsung lm301H+168pcs cree 660nm+24pcs epistar uv+24pcs epistar ir

    This will give me 24 watts per sqft in a 5x5. So I might go ahead and buy another one to put in the 5x5 with it which would give me 48 watts per sqft. Which would be substantially better.


    9x 5 gallon AIRpots
    50/50 Ocean forest / Happy frog
    Adding 8 quarts of perlite per 3.5 cubic feet of soil
    KISS method using maxibloom+koolbloom dry nutes.
    Armor Si
    Possibly super cropping

    I am very excited to start this grow! Im going to apply everything I've learned this past year and hopefully get the best yield/quality that I've ever gotten. I'm aiming for 1 gram per watt like always and think I will hit it this time. There isn't really a reason I wont be able to. Genetics are there, lighting is there, and environment is there.

    The plants are currently about 14 days old and in solo cups. Not sure how long I'll veg for. Probably a good while. 6-8 weeks from seed I'm thinking.

    I will update this journal once per week.
    20190828_114852.jpg 20190828_114842.jpg
  2. Decided after buying a bunch of stuff that I'm going to use the K.I.S.S method for this entire grow. Which is 1sp of maxibloom + silica only.
  3. They all recovered from the idiotic nute burn I gave them. Lol.
    The critical kush look better than the LSD for now. And all 10 plants recieved their first topping yesterday. New growth already showing. I will top them all again after the second node on the two new mains.
    Tomorrow my second HLG 600 comes in. They will have the light all to themselves.
    20190911_232435.jpg 20190909_030320.jpg
  4. Whats it like watering those air pots? Do they leak on the sides?
  5. I havent had to give much water yet. But today they did get their first 1/4th feed. And I didnt have any come out the sides too much. I imagine once I start having to water more it might a little. But as of now, no. No issues with that yet
  6. Transplanted the critical kush into 5 gallon airpots last night. The 5x lsd were transplanted into their 5gallon airpots about 2 weeks ago. I will be putting all 9 plants in my 5x5 as soon as my current girls finish. Which is less than 2 weeks.
    Next feed I'll bump the nutes up to 1/2 strength.
    20190914_041637.jpg 20190914_041645.jpg
  7. Day 36 from germination.
    These girls are blowing up. Nodes already alternating, and first signs of sex on some of them. Right now they are on 24/0 but I'm going to change that to 18/6 and hopefully it doesnt stress them out too much.
    I'm wanting to top them a second time and then lollipop everything off that isnt atleast 50% up the plant about a week before I flip them. After that I'll do some lst and open the canopy's up. Should be smoothe sailing from that point.

    20190919_054712.jpg 20190919_054706.jpg
  8. Subbed!!! I am going the same method with feeding and it’s nice to have someone a few weeks ahead of ya especially with being on my first grow.
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  9. Word!
    They got the first dose about 5 days ago. 1/4th strength. The soil fed them a while without adding anything. Next dose will be 1/2 strength, so 3.5 grams of maxibloom per gallon. I'm going to also give them a shot of calmag just to be preventative.
  10. So what day from germ or sprout did you start your feeding?

    Edit: and are you feeding every water like some or every other, etc....
  11. I've come to the conclusion that the first 3 weeks of the plants life is the seedling stage. And from experience they dont need any nutrients added into into soil for the first 3-4 weeks.
    I start counting veg time after the first 21 days. So day 22 would be day 1 of veg. These girls are 36 days old. So that means they are just finishing up their 2nd week of veg and starting week 3. This means I will more than likely flower them after the first week in october (Oct 9th will be day 1 of 12/12) Which gives them another 3 weeks to veg out.

    As far as your question about feeding. I like to do
    And I gave them their first feed 6 days ago so day 30 from germination they got 1/4th strength which is 1.75 grams per gallon of maxibloom
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  12. nice ok and thank you for sharing, so much variation with how people tweak things, defiantly not use to this in my life lol
  13. Day 40 from germ
    Looking fucking fantastic. They look thirsty because they are :)
    But the growth has been Very vigorous since topping. Today they recieved their second topping and that will be the last one they get. When I go in through garden later I will begin some minor lst on them. They will also get a feed today @ half strength 3.5 grams maxibloom with some silica and cal mag.

    I expect to flower these girls In about 3 weeks. Giving them 61 days since germination before 12/12 and with their size I think that will be sufficient. The lower growth has already caught up to the top of the canopy so it's time to lst now.

  14. Also went ahead and removed pretty much all budsites that arent half way up the plant as well as some big fan leaves blocking prime budsites. I dont want to slow growth again so figured I'd do it at the same day as topping for the second time.
  15. Did a LITTLE lst by opening the canopy up on a few. They are growing so vigorously. Stoked to 12/12 these soon
  16. 5x5 filling out nicely. Will be flipping to 12/12 in 2 days.

  17. Day two of 12/12

    Looking good, thinking they will fill the tent out nicely

    20190930_205614.jpg 20190930_205630.jpg
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  18. Looks good how's the KISS method working out for you? Do you have a sort of schedule you're following?

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  19. It's working amazing actually. I've had no issues and better growth than I've had previously in veg. These lights are probably playing a big role in that too.

    This tent is about to be very full. This is day 6 of 12/12

    20191004_075743.jpg 20191004_075805.jpg 20191004_075552.jpg

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