Motocole's Auto 3x3 run #1

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  1. I always try to run a few autos while I'm running my mains. This go around its
    1x sour diesel auto
    2x blue mystic auto

    The SD is in a 3 gallon pot and the blue mystics are in 1 gallon pots, all of which are happy frog. Running GH full nute lineup @ 1/2 strength.
    Lighting is 1200w king led + 3 autocobb 55's

    I have no idea what day these are. Somewhere between 40-45 days I think...

    One BM was topped and super cropped and the other 2 plants were given basic LST.

    20190823_063859.jpg 20190823_063834.jpg 20190823_063740.jpg 20190823_063940.jpg 20190823_063733.jpg 20190823_063729.jpg 20190823_063915.jpg 20190823_063825.jpg 20190823_063820.jpg 20190823_063816.jpg 20190823_063812.jpg 20190823_063828.jpg
  2. Man these Autos are taking off. I did some more lst and really opened them up. All budsites exposed, and are really filling this little 3x3 out. I have alot of hope for these !

    I think I'll finish them under the lighting that they are under which is 2 autocobb 55's and 1 kingled 1200. But soon I'll be upgrading the 3x3 lighting to a 480 watt HLG off Alibaba.

    20190827_094045.jpg 20190827_091934.jpg 20190827_091931.jpg 20190827_091929.jpg 20190827_094057.jpg 20190827_091957.jpg 20190827_091950.jpg 20190827_091944.jpg 20190827_091940.jpg 20190827_094511.jpg
  3. Coming along nicely hoping for 4 ounces per plant

    20190901_185701.jpg 20190901_185041.jpg 20190901_185431.jpg 20190901_185038.jpg 20190901_185424.jpg 20190901_185410.jpg 20190901_185218.jpg 20190901_185047.jpg 20190901_185044.jpg 20190901_185235.jpg 20190901_185244.jpg

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