Motivations behind sexual assault?

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  1. So since the box needs some new and controversial topics. I feel like adding one seeing as I just watched Law & Order: SVU.

    What brings a man to rape an innocent women? Even worse what brings a grown man to molest an innocent child?

    I dont like sharing this but for the sake of the thread I will.

    I was sexually molested as a child for about 2 yrs. I never told anyone until about a month ago. So a good 12 yrs (I was 8 when it ended) I kept my mouth shut because I didnt think people would believe such a horrible thing.

    Honestly it has fucked a lot of shit up in my life from it. I got addicted to drugs, I doubt my everything I can do in life and I know I can be one successful mother fucker when I put my mind to shit.

    I would like nothing more to see the person that did it too me dead but that wont happen at this point.

    So boxers what do YOU think as to why a person would do such a horrible thing to someone let alone a child that cant even defend him/herself?

    Also keep it civil :wave:

  2. I think people are just weak minded and let their sick fuck urges get to them. We all get the strong urge to flip out on someone and punch them in the face, but this doesn't mean we do it. A long time ago, where my mother works, a person she was helping was in rehab for sexual assaults. He didn't say exactly what he did, but he told my mom to talk to me about feelings I get towards boys or anything out of the ordinary because the urges start young and develop with time, until they get out of control and you end up where he is. That is why my theory is that the people can't control there weird ass feelings and do something stupid. It doesn't make it right and I am definitely not defending them. They need some self control and help.
  3. I always thought that they just couldn't get sex from people their age willingly, or if they did they wanted younger people because they wanted it to be like it used to be(young girls/guys). So they would go for people who they could make have sex with them.A bit simple minded but idk
  4. The power, control, and dominance.

    Its what they get off on.

  5. i think this is pretty much why, the feeling that for once they are in charge and have all the power...and im really sorry to hear that happened to you
  6. Yea Im sorry about a lot of shit that happened to me but I can only move foward from here. I just dont get why someone would get off on having sex with a little boy or girl.

    I understand rape is about control and dominance but that is a grown man raping a grown woman not a grown man foddling a little boy. Shit is just disgusting and they should all be executed if ya ask me.
  7. It's got to be something wrong with them mentally if you ask me. I mean at the time when your really turned on, doing something to a really attractive girl might not sound like a bad idea..but afterwards how could you live with yourself? Knowing how bad you scarred them for life..and to keep on doing it?

    I don't see how weak will power could cause that to repeatedly happen, if I was like that and truly could not help it and felt remorseful (knowing it was wrong etc) i'd honestly probably kill myself.

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