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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Kushbluntz, May 2, 2011.

  1. So my dealer said she has a strain called motivation an it's really dank has anyone heard o it if so what u know
  2. Made up name, go to his house and check it out.

    Edit: It is probably more sativa then indica, being the name is motivation.
  3. yea mayne dat motivation be dat flame dank, loud as fuck bra
  4. Motivation? lol
  5. its cuz all them kids be complaining to the dealler that weed makes them lazy so they not smoking anymore and your dealer is like this shit is called motivation ***** you should smoke it and do your homework lol dumb kids
  6. Tell him you want the strain "Pussy magnet"
  7. Made up. Many dealers either make up a name or pick a popular brand name and slap it on their bud whether it's dank, shwagg, purple, laced, indica, sativa or any combination of those.
    Eye it up and smell it, if it's dank (or worth the price) then pick it up.
    If you aren't going to a dispensary, don't worry about names.

  8. Bitches ain't shit.
  9. Yea, all my motivations gonna be gone after I smoke it.

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