Motivation to work out?

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  1. So, I've always been a procrastinator with everything I do, including working out. I want to start doing things at home while I try and find the best gym for me around where I live, but I always just go, 'Ah, I'll start tommorow. I'm doing _______ now.' I just want to know if any of you guys have any techniques to help me motivate myself into working out?

    I've seen someone before mention using weed as a motivation, i.e. smoking after a workout or something, but this is not possible for me due to the fact that I still live with my parents (can't smoke in the house after workout) and I only smoke a few times a week anyway. So, any other suggestions? Thanks :smoke:
  2. You just need to start getting into the habit. Sign up for a gym, I wouldn't recommend working out at home because that is like your comfort zone and you wont really feel like working out there. Once you start going you will start to enjoy it more and it will become a need to go everyday. Try workout during the day if you can just so you can get it out of the way and do whatever the rest of the day.
  3. my motivation is the fact that i'd be much happier in shape than i am fat.

    my motivation is my weekly weigh ins and my monthly picture progression.
  4. To be honest weed was my motivation to workout. I am taking a tea-break though.. But I would smoke before and after the workout. It twas quite effective. also if I'm jogging I say "Just to this point" and I'll pick a spot.. Then I'll do it again. Or be like okay 15 more pushups.. Then get to 15 more and say the same thing. It pushes me.
  5. going off of what BlazedCannabis says with the "Just to this point" I do something sort of similar, just a little different.

    i don't know about anyone else , but i can't workout without music. so whenever my music is on, instead of thinking of how much time i've got left, i'll just keep saying to myself "only 3 songs left", "only 4 songs left", etc. and then focus on the music.
  6. My motivation varies. Right now, besides getting back in shape, my motivation is looking damn good next time I see this girl...
  7. that too. i haven't seen my family & friends in 3 months since I moved, and I'm going to visit in September. so it's motivation to have them notice a difference. and if they do, that's more motivation to keep going.
  8. One of the driving forces for me is to work out is the high I get from working out.

    Get High On Exercise (page 1)

    I feel freaking goooood after a nice work out :D
  9. ^Yeah I get a serious runners high if I run far enough.

    I FEEL a lot better.

    I keep an old college id in my wallet to remember how fat I was.

    Im confident.

    Every time I get past an old PR.


    To be better than other people physically.

    To be competitive with myself.

    To never get complacent.

    To have more energy to accomplish my other goals.

  10. Same! Weed was what got me to completely change my lifestyle! It made me motivated to workout and eat healthier.. I would smoke a lot and just start lifting weights sometimes I would get so high I would just start dancing in my room lol! Try to get active when you smoke! It'lll change your life.
  11. My motivation is beautiful women. Now that I think about it, that's my motivation for a lot of things.
  12. Smoking after a workout really is a great motivator :/ find some qoutes that inspire you and work off that

    ”the difficulties and struggles of today are but the price we must pay for the accomplishments and victories of tomorrow.”

    ”The secret of success is the consistency to pursue.”

    ” motivation is what gets you started. habit is what keeps you going ”

    or some mean ones .....

    ” Of course it's hard; if it were easy, everyone would be thin!”

    ”When it comes to losing weight, those who can, do; those that can't make excuses.”

    im weird i get motivation from fitspo and thinspo sites, im not anorexic but the stern motivation does help. imma lagger and i make excuses aha
  13. This doesn't really apply to you, but my motivation to workout is going into the military.

    Seriously start lifting and once you start to notice results you will love working out. It took me about a month or so (when I first started) to see results but once I saw them... I continued to work out.
  14. The burn is my motivation to tell you the truth.
  15. Results should be a good enough motivator..
  16. Being competitive with myself, and I guess in some ways, other people.
  17. To feel better; less anxious, less tired
    To avoid crappy diseases being sedentary causes
    To develop my game face

    If we're not getting better, we're getting worse.
  18. Tirunesh Dibaba, the Women's 10,000 meter winner. Her kick at the end of the race was the most incredible, inspiring thing I've ever seen. She blew those other chicks out of the water.
  19. yea results and the satisfaction u did something for u health should be rewarding enough
  20. i had to stop for a while but i lost 13 pounds and now im getting back into motivation is i want to do alot of shit like surf and skydive etc you cant do that when overweight you have to be weigh a 240 or less to skydive so its just stuff like that...and ive always been big so when i go back to visit my family im gonna look like the second coming of christ hopefully lol

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