Motivation for those of you trying to lose A LOT of weight! :)

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    [ame=]How I lost 112 pounds! - YouTube[/ame]

    I lost weight doing a combination of things. If you want to lose weight here are the MAIN KEY things that will GUARANTEE you weight loss.

    1. Portion control! You can eat whatever you want when you are trying to lose weight! The key is eating small meals throughout the day! You want to focus on a lifestyle change. Not a diet that will be over when you reach your goal. So watch your serving sizes instead of deciding what you can or can't eat.

    2.Burn more calories than you consume! If you want to lose weight calories do count! to lose a pound you must burn 3500 calories. Keep in mind your body is burning up calories all day long! Find a psychical activity that you enjoy and try to do it at least 5 times a week :)

    3.Drink water! Don't drink your calories!! Cut out the soda and the sugary drinks. Its junk, your body does not need it! Just more calories you will consume, with no nutritional value.

    4.You must have dedication and motivation! With out those two you are doomed! When you decided you wanted to lose weight, you were wanting to better yourself! Some people get frustrated with the temptation around them and they get lazy! Happens to all of us! I'm in lazy mode right now lol
    Snap out of it and remember why you want to better yourself! Respect your body!

    Hope that helped some people! People ask for diet tips ALL the time but really as long as you can do those 4 things you are in the clear and good to go! SAY NO TO DIET PILLS AND CRASH DIETS! RESPECT YOUR BODY!

    And to my fellow everyday stoners fuck the munchies! Use will power and don't go grab that slice of cake or eat those bags of chips! They are junk food! Your body doesn't need them! It's ok to indulge ocassionally but honestly think about what you are really putting in your body! Grab a banana instead!

    Peace and love to you all! And good luck on your weight loss journey! :)
  2. Very inspirational even though we have very different goals. Now just don't get complacent and put any weight back on. :) Don't put all that hard work to waste.

    And this right here ^^^^ is why you were so successful and why, unfortunately, so many other people fail to meet their goals.
  3. Thank you thank you :D
    And I will NEVER let my self get to being that fat again. I gained all that weight because I was young and did not know the proper way to eat and live a healthy life. Now that I know, even if I do get lazy I can just maintain and continue to watch what I eat.
    And yes dedication and motivation should be number one. Because with out those two we are just doomed to fall back into our old bad lifestyle choices! Just gotta keep reminded yourself who you are doing it for and why :)
  4. nice work! looks like 2 different people! keep it up and good job!
  5. Woww! Congrats, that is awesome. I agree that motivation & dedication really is the key to successfully losing weight. Congrats again, that is awesome. :hello:
  6. Wow! What a change!

    Glad you lost a lot of weight. Im sure you feel fantastic because you look great!

    Great motivation.(even though I'm trying to put on weight :p)
  7. G00d for you! I did pretty much the same mental routine. Prepared myself to workout whether I wanted to or not, ate less calories than I burned, and converted to water as my only source of liquid nourishment.

    I went on the egg diet, minus steak and cheese. Just ate eggs, a piece of bread or two a day for carbs and water. Then worked out every day at the same time, strenously. I also mixed up the exercises, even using my kids' swingset as a pullup bar to build back, stomach, chest and arm muscles. If you cant do a pullup, jump up, pull yourself up as far as you can, and then hold yourself there and breathe as gravity slowly pulls you down, do this a few times and then rest. After a few days of this, you WILL be doing pullups guaranteed. You can even turn one hand in and one out to get different workouts. Add some ten pound weights to your cardio and it does wonders.

    Discipline, motivation, and perseverance will overcome almost any mountain in your life and once you start exercising, you feel so much better naturally and you want more. Cures depression right up.
  8. I went on an egg diet as well! I also ate skinless boneless chicken breasts.
    I just tryed to find different ways to cook those. I want to start trying to do pullups but i am just not strong! haha Maybe after I lose a little more I will be able to do them!
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    Try doing negatives like the other poster said and within a few weeks you should be able to get a pullup. You can also do static holds at portions of the motion where you are weak. Say you have trouble halfway through the pullup. In that case, you would hold yourself at the halfway position as long as possible.
    At your current weight, it shouldn't be a major limiting factor. It's a lot easier to get 10% stronger than 10% lighter.
  10. I too ate boneless skinless chicken for dinner. The way I would prefer to cook it is to cut up fresh onions, one small potato (you need carbs, trust me), some celery, carrots, put some water in a pan, cut up the chicken, and put it all in the water in the pan. Add some of your favorite seasonings and then put tin foil on top and bake it in the oven to your preference. When its done, the chicken will be so juicy and great, that itll almost melt off your fork. We usually cook it on low for 3-4 hours to let the juices and flavor be absorbed. Make sure to put those juices on your plate and eat as much of the juice as you can as thats where all the vitamins are contained.

    Also, if you start taking vitamins or supplements, look into omega 3 or fish oil. It will improve so many of your bodily functions that youll be amazed in a day or so.
  11. mmm sounds yummy! I am going to have to try that!
    And I have heard a lot about omega 3. I am going to have to remember to get it next time im at walmart!
  12. The only thing I want to caution you about on the egg diet is two things. One, it will make your cholesterol sky rocket and thats bad for your heart. Two, eggs cause your body to build up sulfur and your body will get rid of it any way it can. If your sweat starts to smell horrendous and I mean it will smell BAD, like some disgusting rotten, almost gagging you smell, its the eggs. Stop eating them immediately. You're going to have to sweat them out for a few days and drink gallons of water to get rid of that horrible smell before your normal sweat smell returns. I know SO MANY athletes this happens to, myself included and Ive seen people drive themselves almost mad trying to figure out what caused the smell. Just a heads up just in case.

    Also, I dont know you but Im seriously proud of you. It's awesome to see someone better their lives and themselves. You should know you're an inspiration. Peace.
  13. Awww thank you thank you :)

    And wow I didn't know that! Lol but for the most part I eat egg whites! I eat the yolk sometimes if I am hungry and want a more filling meal. But usually I just prefer egg whites. Lol I have heard of eggs making people gassy but never knew it could make your sweat smell bad as well! I guess you learn something new everyday! Thanks! lol
  14. Number two is a myth I personally believe.

    When one does cardio you burn the following by order : carbs fat then protein.
    One needs to do 40 mins to start burning the Fat . ( obviously depending on the workout )

    I didn't follow the rule of burning more calories then taking in and lost 56lbs!
  15. Honestly there are so many ways to lose weight as long as you are physically active and have a healthy diet. There isn't just ONE way.
  16. [quote name='"iluvgreeen"']

    Honestly there are so many ways to lose weight as long as you are physically active and have a healthy diet. There isn't just ONE way.[/quote]

    Yea I agree, not saying there is way Haha. But I mean people trip out a lot on calories and what not then tend to.ignore the other stuff like fats, sodium, etc.

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