Motion Notion (Psychedelic Art)

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  1. Crazy music festival, a tripper's dream vacation. :love: Infected Mushroom and Shpongle were featured, and all over the main stage was all sorts of art pieces and other psychedelia.

    Here's some of the art that was there. Note some of the pics are a tad blurry because of a combination of heavy bass and psychedelic drugs. :laughing:

    Hope you enjoy! :D

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  2. 1st and 2nd are AMAZING.
    The 2nd was better IMO.

    Really had me sitting there for ages, staring.
    Thinking of what the painter was seeing x)
  3. this is awesome, thanks for sharing. what festival was this I would totally love to go to it, such awesome work, and psychedelics cmon, what isnt to like.
  4. number 2 is fantastic
  5. The first one is the best, the rendering is awesome.

  6. It's called Motion Notion. It's a big gathering of hippies and trippers. There's always great trance being played, with 4 stages throughout the area.

    Every year, in Drayton Valley, Alberta. Just an hour west of Edmonton.

    Just warning you though... Even though there are awesome and fun things, such as topless women, a nude beach, a naked slip and slide, there are also a few flamboyant homosexual men who try to go just a little too far. Here's my story...

    I was chillin with my bro, enjoying a bowl and 3 hits of high-power blotter acid, when the gay couple across from the site came back from the mud slides. So here's what this one guy does...

    He walks directly into my line of view, pulls out a bucket and sponge, and starts washing his muddy crotch right in front of me!:eek:

    I moved seats and he said that I shouldn't be so close minded, but fuck, there's just a level of flamboyancy you have just got to suppress. I don't need to see that, and I don't think anybody else needs to either.

    Fun times though, nonetheless.:D
  7. nice that its in Alberta, didnt know it was so close to where i live. and not cool to mr. crotch cleaner, hahaha, too fucked,
  8. I assume that there are a lot of unmentionable things there for sale? I'm planning on going next year.
  9. If by "unmentionable things" you mean "unmentionable things", then yes. In fact, it's quite easy to find pretty much every single unmentionable thing you could imagine, and then some.:eek:

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