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  1. Recently my $400 RooR broke at the ground joint so I'm in the market for a new piece & I've been looking at mother ship glass for a while & I finally found a retailer close where I live. I'm looking for input from MS owners & people who have tried them my questions are since I usually use flowers about 80% of the time would the Egg be a good choice for getting the best hit or would something like the Klein hit better? Any input is welcome!
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    I never had experience with mothership, but I seen those mini oil rigs w/ honey bucket at my LHS retailing for around $800. Expect to pay much more than $400, more like $1.5k-$2k for NON worked faberge. I see people commenting online saying that MS pieces are more for oil rather than flower. If you are mainly smoking flower then I'd go buy some other highend scientific glass like Sg, mobius, apix or anything along that line that make pieces mainly for flower. If you don't care about price and if you really want a MS as a flower piece I'd look into the MS swiss torus which look more ideal for flower than oil IMO. I'm not too sure about using the MS Klein for flower. I always thought recycler system was more for smoking oil but don't quote me on that.
  3. thanks man, & yeah I was really wanting the Egg but I didn't think it would be for flowers would it be too perculated for it or would it get clogged too easily?

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  4. I heard they're mainly for rigs.....great glass but expensive as hell IMO.
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  6. not worth the tag unless you smoke oil.  I've hit most of their line except for ball rig.  I have used a klein, torus, egg, and mini and think all of them are oil rigs.  I'd look at sovereignty, mobius, kush scientific, chris riley (defi), toro, sgw for flower tube.
    That pic is a straight fab.  It's really more due to the size, makes em more suited for flower.  Even the straight fab is really small compared to a full size tube.
  7. so you wouldn't recommend it for flower? The egg is just so sexy might have to switch over.

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  8. I also have a question for anyone who owns an egg.

    Every time I see them I can never find out what joint size they are do they come in regular sizes like 14 & 18 or their own custom ones? someone told me that they use their own custom sizes so my old attachments for 18.8 wouldn't work?

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    I don't think clogging up would be an issue. The main problem of having an oil rig as a flower piece is probably the diffusion and amount of water in the piece. Oil rigs often require minimal water level and minimal diffusion to optimize the flavor of oil/concentrate/wax. Smoking flower from your oil rig may end up giving you a harsh hit due to less diffusion. Also, smoking flower with small amount of water means that the water will get dirty/stinky faster and requires more cleaning. I also wouldn't recommend crossing over flower piece with oil rig. None the less mothership is a piece of work. If you really want it and have the money to spend on it then I'd say go for it. At the end of the day it's your glass so you can use it for whatever you choose to use it for. If you end up not liking it you can probably sell it and purchase something else.
    They are all 14 female joints.  They make their own joints in house instead of buying them and just attaching them.  That's why their joints are a bit different (has a double maria at the lip).  But I've never heard of them not fitting standard 14mm accessories. The egg is my daily driver but only cause I don't smoke flower much anymore.

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