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  1. I just have a quick general question. I am now space limited for the time being and im only gonna be running a sea of green 1 flowerroom straight from clone setup. no vegging time straight off the machine to flower.
    \nso here my question for mothers I have 20 something seeds with 12 guaranteed females I kinda want to pick perfect phenotypeya know get deep into it. but i dont have the room for all these potential mothers. can I start these mothers outside here in new york and then bring the one that make it in before fall satrts
    \n\nwill this idea work

  2. i wouldn't ... there is a larger temp drop here on the east coast.. i am from pa ... i would just flower in the same room as veg .. and swap bulbs when your ready ... sog only needs a week or two of veg... plus outdoor to indoor is stressful especially without a full spectrum bulb putting out 30,000 luminens to act as the sun

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