Mothers Day

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  1. So what are you getting your mom? In light of new shit coming to light my mom bought me a pipe yesterday when she found out I smoked weed. Tomorrow she's trying it out with my weed :)

    In a few minutes we're going to the cemetery for my recently deceased aunt who died of breast cancer.

    What are you blades doing?
  2. I will probably get her some flowers and go eat lunch at the park if it's nice out.
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    That sounds nice :)
  4. sorry about your aunt, thats sweet your mom got you a pipe though. I have no idea what im getting my mom, she just smokes cigarettes and eats peanuts and those are both shitty gifts, so i think im gunna buy a couple pots and paint them to look like watermelons! cheeeea
  5. Taking mom out to eat to whichever place she chooses. For everything shes done for me, thats the least i can do. Pair that up with a hug and a kiss and a "happy mothers day". She raised her sons well, when i think of all the Drama i put her through it makes me feel like shit. She's proud of her Toi now =]
  6. Exactly man, no matter what you go through with your mom it always makes the relationship stronger. I love my mom ;)

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