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mothers day...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by nb790, May 6, 2011.

  1. i only wish i could smoke my mom out fat for it :rolleyes:
    thatll be the day..

    how you guys spending it?
    gettin mom any good gifts?
  2. agreed. id love to smoke with my mom. it would help her wit all her anxiety so much.

    got her some perfume. spendin the day with her and the goin to my dads house for his b-day dinner
  3. Broke as hell. 99 cent card from the dollar store and maybe a few nugs from the stash.... MAYBE!
  4. Going to the aunts house to see my moms family. gonna be hella boring, but oh well its one day wasted.

    she told me not to get her anything, to save my money so im not going to contest that. lol

    also isnt this in the wrong section??
  5. Probably end up takin her out to dinner with the rest of my family. Thats what we usually do, anyways.
  6. You honestly think women say what they mean?... Comon man you should know better :D go pick her up a card or something and make her lunch a sentimental gift is better then nothing

    Eh i'll probally wake up early and make some (i've gotten three hours of sleep the past 50 something hours so my memory is prohibting me from the name of the dish) go pick up a card and clean the house... I'm broke lol

  7. lol i ment i wasnt getting a purchased gift, forgot to mention, i always hand make her cards which she loves and ill end up cleaning the entire house or some shit while shes busy bringing my brother to all different sport games on saturday.

    dem free gifts :cool: lol :smoke:
  8. Aww ok man my bad sounds like a pretty good way to show your appreciation
  9. My mom hates mothers day because she says it makes her feel old. Im gunna get her some flowers anyway.
  10. I'm getting my mother some flowers and a card. It's hard to get gifts right now since my dad's birthday is tomorrow, and mother's day is the day after.
    Then my mom's birthday is next month, about 4 days before father's day and my girlfriend's birthday is on father's day. I don't know how I will come up with the money for all the gifts...

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