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mothers day to all

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bud Head, May 12, 2002.

  1. Happy mothers day to all the mothers out there.

    To all you wonderfull mothers who care for our little ones, just thought I would dedicate this thread to ya all!!!!!
  2. Good idea, Bud Head!

    (All good women-pay attention-Bud Head is THE man.)

    I have so much admiration for those who are mothers because they are incredible women to do all they do. I understand that raising children is an absolute joy but I also see that it is hard constant work that ultimately molds the children of the world into responsible adults.

    Anyway, Happy Mother's Day to all of you!!!!!

    And NO housework or cooking allowed!!!

    I am the mother to a big ole' dog so I get, like, 7 of these holidays per year. Haha Yeah right!!!!!
  3. Thank you BH and RMJL!!!! I had an interesting Mom's Day, which is very typical for me. Had to save my bestfriends family from annilation, and dealt with my son who decided to let his last remaining mouse ride on the back of one of my cats. [​IMG] + [​IMG] = dead [​IMG]
    But, for me Mother's Day is everytime my little one kisses me on the cheek and tells me I'm the best Mom in the world! No special day cards make up for that one moment when I know I've done a good job! [​IMG]

  4. where to start where to start?...happy be-lated mommas day girlfriends!
    i got my smooches an hugs from the ruffians the middle one even tried to keep the peace for the day "hey ----- be nice to momma today, we cant change the fact its mothers day" i do love that one somthing special :)
    mothers day as well as valentines our anniversary my b-day and all that seems to take my STUPID HUSBAND by suprise EVERY year and its a huge inconvience to him to do ANYhining about any of them. i hate him still today. mr.butthead (not to be confused with Bud Head ) had the nerve to ask whats for dinner,? uh fukkin nuthing!!!!
    i got up at 7 and made breakfast for everyone before church. went alone -take that back went with a bad attitude 9 yr old who yawned and stretched quite loudly thru the whole service. i can get past that, and did :D. now its like noon no fancy lunch for momma either. pband j aint that what its all about? and a hubby that just too buisy to be anywhere near home,. hell the race wasnt on....past that.
    it was the dinner that did it. no way was i cooking that (AGAIN)
    so i sent a child with a message to find her father and tell him if he wants food he has to take me to dinner. an im not even that picky! i swear. so in his painting/yardwork clothes we head out 5:30 mothersday skys the limit. 14 resturants and people waiting in the parking lots for every one of them,,. thats no good so now he has a crappy attitude, im like "what do yu expect "dear" this is what normal people do. this is where oldest child notices that all the fast food resturants are empty. smart middle child,"we cant take mom to burger king",...oldest"but she likes it" mom "crying, just take me home" husband still shitty over the inconvience of mothersday. crappy-butt ponderosa did not have a line hhhm, wonder why? so theres where we ate,...everyone in our car knows how much i hate that place but nobody said a word (that reminds me i still have a steak and potato in a doggie bag) BUT i did have to get this really cheesy mug that said my ass got stuck at ponderosa my very worst choice for mothers day dinner. the baby ate off my plate with her hands, well fistfulls exactly, so that was nice, we only spilled one drink and spent our dining entertainment snickering at people with more than 3 children.
    the babes just fell asleep im going to smoke a joint now lord knows my next post will be nicer :D well maybe
  5. hehehe, im ashamed.
    uh, thanks budhead darlin for the goodwishes an luv
    looks like i got a little carried away

  6. LMAO sweetness, it was a good read. know we know how your day was from begining till the end. hahahahahahaa
  7. I took Mrs BPP to the beach this weekend. Got there late friday and cooked her a nice steak the way she likes. Got high and suntanned on saturday and took the crowd to eat at the only restaurant for miles around. Then Sunday, I played Lifeguard all day while Momma could relax. As for a present, I had already given her some jewelry a week ago, the kids made a keepsake plate at school that she loves. Oh, And I had already sent my mom a present last week, but i called her Sunday and told her Happy Mom's day.

    Oh, I made the coffee Saturday, but she had to make it Sunday.

    I guess overall I did a good job.
  8. You guys did a great job! It's good to hear that the guys to care of their best halves!
  9. Got rid of the kids early,,then,,Gave the wife the queen treatment ,,flowers,nice dinner,dancing,in-room hot-tub,room off the pool,service with a smile...bought her a new cd player,,then I told her next year I'm getting her the mother's ring she talked about,,she most certainly deserves it,,after all she puts up with all our

    hope all the moms had a wonderful day...your all the best,,for what you do....


  10. If you had a good wife like mine, you would be one of us guys making it hard on the rest of them.

    Its an easy trade off. I have to be nice and thoughtful on birthdays, anniversary, mothers day, christmas, and a couple of other days. The rest of the year I can be a regular man again.
  11. LMAO critter

    You need to start buying her something you can use!!!

  12. that's an idea....I should buy my wife a new back tire for my


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