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  1. Ok ... How do you mother a plant so you can clip clones and/or re-veg ?
  2. Just grow a female plant. You don't need to "mother" anything.
    Gotta make sure it's female, so people usually put it on 12/12 until it shows sex, then go back to veg, then take cuttings.
  3. Or you can gamble as I am right now by just growing a plant and flower her clones. If her clones are male :( then "she's" a male! :eek:
  4. well normally, you would cut a handful of clones of a mother plant and veg all the clones but one, flower the one and if it's shows hair after a week or so then you know that all the clones you are vegging will be females too anlong with the mother plant....
  5. Well other than cutting 1/5th of the roots off the bottom and adding fresh soil . Along with cropping all buds from the lady . Do I need to use special chem mixes of nitrogen ? NPK Tea'Formula Mixes that someone might have had that helps shift the process between bloom and veg without stressing out the lady too much ? :)
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    Howdy hatter:

    IMHO the whole point of making a mother plant is to be able to select the best plant possible out of a bunch of them so you have the best characteristics of the strain you wish to grow to begin with. Potency, size, color change if any, flowering characteristics, distance between the nodes etc. etc.

    If I try a strain I will order a 5 seed pack if possible and grow the couple females out and test. Keeping notes of everything about the plants, I will clone all the females while still in veg and keep. All the original plants and likewise the clones will have corresponding #'s so I can keep track. If I like the strain and decide to grow it, I will get a 10 pack of fem seed and grow all out while still cloning before switching to 12/12 cycle. Finish all the new plants and having kept records of what plant I like the best - keep that for the mother plant. This way I have 10 - 12 plants of the same strain to choose from.

    As long as you always clone while in the veg cycle there should be no genetic variation to degrade the plant you have selected. Also I keep 2 mothers per strain just in case. I keep 2 for safety and because a flat of oasis has 50 cubes in it. I will LST these mothers and never have a problem taking 50 good top cuttings of fresh growth for clones anytime I like.

    Peace dude. :D
  7. Oh! You are talking about re-vegging to make a mom! My bad! From what I have read (I am also in the process of doing this now) you don't have to cut the roots - just cut the buds and leave at least one bud. Then switch the lighting and the feeding to a veg - i.e. 24h lights or 18/6 lights & a vegetative growth formula.
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    Yea my failure to read completely also - good luck.

    Don't mean to dash your hopes and who knows "I hope it works for you.". I tried reveging multiple times and all I know now is that in my personal experience and hopefully not yours that it is a complete waste of time. The clones are already 2 weeks behind just by their nature and a reveg is beyond slow.

    If you are paying for electricity like me - spare yourself the learning experience.

    Party on dudes - peace. :D

  9. I wonder if I leave that bud on there for say 2 years... if that would be considered aged weed ? hehehe ... like aged alcohol ?? the longer there the more trichromes formed and forming on it ?
  10. HIGH All, yes revegging takes awhile to revert if you didn't take clones it is worth the wait if it's a Good Mom to reveg her back to Grow.

    I have a Mom and it'll be round 2 for her...she's still on 12/12 because a few other Plants are not ready to come down yet. This is how many Grow sites I leaf on my Mom's. So if you have the Time and willing to Play...I'd Grow for it.

    Edit: no chance of a Bud hanging around for a year on a Plant

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