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  1. They exist...

    "me mom's puss is the best in the world for me. Her huge boobs and round ass is deeply inviting .we have been having sex since i was 14 and she was 39. Now i'm 19 and she's 44. She still never stops to amaze me with her lust. Mom comes quitely to my room at night without dad knowing and we fuck like rabbits till morning. Then in the day the moment dad leaves home for work mom and i start stripping for another round of hot fucking. In future when i get a job mom plans to divorce dad and move in with me. Our love sort of just happened. My mom is a horny woman who got a shmuck for a husband, so i guess she needed me. If you have got any chance to bang your mom, never let it go cause she'll give you best possible joy on earth."

    I want 2 f**k my mom help plz | Is It Normal? |

    go to the above address and read the question and comments
    fucking disgusting
    Not sure how I stumbled across this
  2. HAHAHA, WOW! :laughing:
  3. *Throw up in my mouth then again on my floor and a third time on mommy*
  4. Wow! I think maybe you're misunderstanding something....

    MILF is supposed to mean someone elses mom you'd like to fuck.....not your own!!
  5. I don't know what I thought this thread would be about.....but this isn't it....

  6. That was like the 5th comment down on the link you posted...:hide:

    How did you stumble across this?? You had to have been looking for something similar lol...
  7. what the motherfuck :eek:
  8. What the fuck! that was crazy?
    Out of like 660 or something votes 150 said it's NOT normal?
  9. Is It Normal is a site made up of trolls for the most part. 90% of the outrageous shit you read on there is made up for the sake of being outrageous

  10. Man, I hope so.
  11. It is haha. I've done it myself a few times >.>

    "when Arnold comes home he never gets no rest"

    Fixed :rolleyes:
    [ame=]Squeeze Box The Who - YouTube[/ame]

    "Arnold's gotta squeeze box & he never sleeps at night":hello::p
  13. 1st commit
    My mom liked to show herself off to me when I was a teen. When I was as old as 13 she'd come in when I was taking a bath and check to see if I had cleaned my penis since I wasn't circumsised and she said it could ge infected if it wasn't clean. She play with my cock head, pull the foreskin back, and it would get very hard. She didn't act sexual about it, but it was sexual. Then later she'd often undress or dress with the door open or bath with the door open a little. I'd watch and jack off. I walked in on her once to see what would happen and she was putting on stockings and was topless. She has large breasts. She didn't have any panties on too. She just said she'd be finished in a few minutes and let me watch. I'd go to my bed and rub my cock on a pillow until I'd cum. She even walked in a couple times when I was jacking off like that. I'd get so horny that I could barely stop humping the pillow. Once she asked what I was doing after I had cum and pulled the covers back. I was naked with my hard cock and cum all over the pillow. She put her finger in it and then up to her nose and then into her mouth for a taste. So yes I understand why you would want to fuck your mom. I think that a lot of teens think about it. I know a lot of guys that took a peek at their mom and jacked off over it. A naked woman is a naked woman. How many moms want to actually fuck is hard to say. Try to get caught jacking off over a picture of her and see what happens.
  14. wow and i thought grasscity had some dumb threads, hahahaha
    maybe we arent so screwed up after all
  15. wow, troll is obvious. anyone who belives shit like this is as dumb as they look.

  16. It's the Internet we have some of the most depraved fucks on earth
  17. had dreams of pounding my friends mom but never mine. Prob helps that she is a senior citizen.
  18. For a minute there I thought you meant you dreamed about pounding your friends mom who is a senior citizen.....


  19. It's very normal. Me and the sisters like to group together on Saturday nights and get down widdit.

    FYI - I'll never my sisters the same way again after this.

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