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Discussion in 'General' started by 4ction, Apr 7, 2006.

  1. I just bought a new video card and RAM for my 4 year old dell, and i'm wondering if there is any way to check what kind of motherboard model i have without opening the computer case. Specifically, i need a AGP8x compliant motherboard for the new Geforce6200 video card. Im not great with computers, any help is appreciated :D

    If you didnt want to read that: Is there any way to check my motherboard information without opening the computer case??
  2. what model dell is it? im good with this shit

    btw if its 4 years old i higly doubt you have an agp 8x slot. i bealive its 4x. however MOST graphics cards are backwards compatible with 4x. and MOST LIKLEY its 168 pin ram not 184. dont take my word for it. post up the model and shit and ill try and help you out
  3. true

    to check motherboard, restart your comp and hit f1 or f11 or whatever you comp tell you to in setup. or right click the my computer icon and go to properties. i think dell has extra info in those. or go to and check your comp out. but if you go the money to get a new graphics card, invest in a new barebones comp for like $300
  4. DELL = Deletes Everything Like Lightning.

    I have such a strong dislike for anything Dell. Everything they touch turns to shit.
  5. rasta not really helpful...smoke another joint and play some nintendo if you're this bored lol
  6. on the power button it says the model number .. like one in my calss is optiplex 170L if u google that u get what its got in it ect ect ect ect ect ect .. do the same
  7. Yah, you're gunna have to do some searching on this one. Like the other guys said just find out the computer model, etc.
  8. remember a old comp like that will not benefit that much from a new grapchis card, expsecailly if u can only use it under 4x agp speeds. and i garruenttee ur going to need some older memory. personally i would just save up and build a new one.
  9. I'm kinda in the same position (except I dont need a graphics card)... I'm planning on saving up for a barebones kit and just throwing all teh good old stuff into a good case.
  10. If you can save up enough, you can pretty much get your dream computer at

    When I have enough money, I'm definitely getting one from there.
  11. i agree
  12. start/run/dxdiag
  13. ask naughtyneighbor like PM him he will know
  14. Sorry ive been gone a few days.
    It's a Dell Dimension 4300, 4 years old. I'm going to check the motherboard out right now.
    Edit: I also bought new 1GB DDR RAM, if that makes any difference
  15. it appears to have 4x AGP, but uses PC133 SDRAM and not DDR which means its probably built on the older 428 socket P4 willemette

    you fucked up as only the most recent P4's support DDR2, sorry bro it wont work, you need to buy PC133 SDRAM

    your best off getting 2 sticks of this
  16. I found this page:

    There's no motherboard info section, but it says AGP4x under the video tab. Is there any way I can upgrade to AGP 8x? Should I?.. the main reason i ordered these parts is so i can play world of warcraft. I guess i'll start looking for cheap compatible motherboards :/
  17. Ok im not trying to rip on you but you already fucked the ram up, majority of the time 8x is backwards compatable with 4x, and a new motherboard would send everything to hell because dell is propertairy and on top of that you need to re install windows because it freaks out when theres a new motherboard, you'll probably buy a motherboard not compatable with your ram and or cpu, the power supply which is propertairy and wont work with any other motherboards, and if it a miracle where it did it wouldnt be able to support the load of a new processor/motherboard/video card anyway.
  18. ^Ah shit lol. I made a mistake 2 posts back, i meant to say DDR instead of DDR2, ill check right now at that link if its compatible. And what do you mean by "8x is backwards compatible with 4x"? Are you saying that this video card might work with my AGP4x motherboard?
  19. DDR isnt compatable either dude. Your motherboard accepts 168pin SDRAM ONLY
  20. I understand what you mean now. I thought i could just upgrade my RAM regardless of the format. I'll return the stuff i ordered, but can ya tell me what you meant by saying "backwards compatible"?

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