Mother went through my phone

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  1. I'm soooooo pisssssed right now. 10:00 last night I come home, mom says we needa talk, she went through my phone earlier and read all my texts. i got pissed, naturally, because there wasn't a reason for her to do that. i posted here before about her doin stupid shit. Again, about girls. I stopped bringin girls back to the house for her, now this time (get this) she kicks me out for now her thinking i'm fucking too many girls. :blink:

  2. That's a sweet reason to tell people lol.
  3. i just don't fucking understand this woman.
  4. At least its not about weed
  5. "Son, you're a pussy monster, get out of my house!"
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    double post. delete.
  7. Damn, your mom should be more mad if you WEREN'T going after/getting that pussy.
  8. "Son, you're a pussy monster. Get out of my house!"

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  9. I wish I heard this conversation go down.

  10. Why didn't you delete your sexts or have a lock on the phone?
  11. If she kicked you greatful. Thank her, and never return. Not even to visit on Christmas.
  12. LOL she thinks she owns that dick, fuckin women
  13. Haters gonna hate :cool:

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  14. Dosen't sound like too bad of a problem. But hey that's your mom, you can't expect her to understand or be okay with all your choices. Just tell her your being safe and tell her what she wants to hear, this will ease her mind.
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    What kind of mom does this? What happened to raising your kids? You can get kicked out and start doing more shit than just fucking chicks.
    Where you fucking chicks in her house? If so then it's fair game and that is like the ultimte disrepect to a mom lol...If not then fuck it..don't go back again...
  16. Go back & kick her ass out & tell her to stay out until your ready to leave her house
  17. Probably jealous you haven't hit on her yet
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    It's not right but dude.....lock your phone or delete shit you don't want people seeing. You can't trust anyone....
  19. Damn that's cold. And then she would be mad at you even more. You need her to realize it's her fault, your a man and men have sex with women. That's how you were born

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