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  1. I watched a HOW TO 101 on growing, and it kind of looked like they were saying that the first plant that you grow is the MOTHER PLANT, and that it won’t grow buds. That you have to cut the limbs after the leaves grow on them at a 45 degree angle and plant those as Clones to start growing the plants that grow buds? Is this correct.
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  2. Nope. Watch another video LMAOOOO. Did you pay any attention to the video?
  3. Yeah. My bad. I’ll watch another video. Can you help me out?
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  4. Female plants produce buds. You can call any female plant a mother. Male plants make pollen. Pollen gets on female buds and makes seeds. Seeds when planted have a chance of being male, and a chance female. This is very basic info. You can buy feminized seeds online so you are guaranteed a female when planted. If your using regular seeds you need to plant a bunch of them and throw all of the males away before they produce pollen.
  5. No my friend.....I mean yes....there is a way of doing that, but thats not the only way to grow it......are you just trying to do research to do your own grow??
  6. So I just need to take a bunch of different seeds and plants them and grow them with a lot of care and the females will produce buds and he males won’t produce any buds. Those are the ones I need to throw away?
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  7. I’m just now going to try to start growing some plants and figure out how to cultivate my own good buds. I’m starting at home and probably going to put them out back but in pots. I know I’m new and dumb sounding. I guess I was just to stoned to understand the video. Sorry.
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  8. I guess a nutshell. We are MORE than willing to help new growers to get started and on the right track....but you do have to kinda take the initial steps yourself. You have the "idea" just do a bit of research on google or youtube
  9. Okay. Sorry. I didn’t mean to make anyone mad. I’m just tying to start up.
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  10. No worries.....I'm not sure who is mad but I cam PROMISE YA it's not me! :passing-joint:
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  11. Okay. Can I ask where the best place to buy seeds and how many do I need to just start a few plants?
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  12. There are TONS of sites to buy seeds the choice is yours. If you want to start off with a few plants.....then buy a few seeds. Good luck to ya
  13. Thanks buddy. I appreciate it.

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  14. Noone is mad here bud. I will help you if I can

    Sorry i replied to the wrong person lmao
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  15. A mother is just a female plant you choose to keep under veg light hours (example 18 hr on and 6 hrs off), and to take clones from (sometimes referred to as 'cuts').

    The cuts can be induced to root, and then they grow to be a plant with the exact same genes as the mom it cut from.

    This is great for people that want a consistent, easy to predict growth pattern in their room as all the plants should behave the same (give or take). It also allows you to keep any genetics you like, basically forever. I found two awesome Zombie Virus plants in my last batch. I took cuts of them when they were vegging and then grew them out as their 'moms' flowered. After the harvest, I threw away the cuts of the plants I didn't like, and kept the ones I did like and put them in bigger pots. Now I have 7 killer strains that K can pick and choose and take cuts from


    Every plant below is actually a cut from one of the 'moms' in the pic above

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  16. PhenoMorph explained it best.

    It's not necessary to make a clone mother, but if you do then you can make clones from it basically forever... well, years, anyway. I have heard of 12 year old clone mothers and even older.

    If you haven't checked it out, I suggest reading through the beginning grower tutorial articles at this site. They have excellent articles that will take a lot of the mystery out of growing.

    Welcome to Grasscity! Don't hesitate to ask questions. There's plenty of growers to answer. :)
  17. I really appreciate you taking the time to explain all of that. It will def come in handy as I start my growing journey.
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  18. No problem. There's so much info out there, hard to absorb it all right away. Lots of people here to help. Good luck!!
  19. I appreciate the LUCK. I’m going to need it. Thanks again for helping out. Talk to you later.

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