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  1. Hello GrassCity. This is my first post so don’t be upset if I have a wrong format as I am still getting used to GC.

    I am currently taking care of 4 (four) mother plants. The strain is Girl Scout Cookies.

    They are all from clones, which might be why by mother plants are already 2 months old and still are midgets.

    Besides Nitrogen for “growth”, do I need something else to help these plants strive?

    Root growth isn’t developing yet on the rockwool base and it’s been two months already. Check out this 2 month mother also.

    (GSC , OG Kush)

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  2. i personally don't use rockwool but it looks like there isn't enough room for your roots to grow. mother plants will need a ton of space for roots. you may even have to trim the roots (if that's possible) so they don't eventually get root bound.

    and yes you need more than just nitrogen. you need basically all the nutrients you would need for regular vegging.
  3. There’s room because there’s another base of rockwool in the bottom. the roots aren’t penetrating the second base. OG Kush is growing perfectly fine at the same age. Roots are healthy as hell on the OG and penetrated both rockwool. GSC only penetrated the first rockwool cube.

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  4. I keep my moms in coco in a 1 gal cocotek basket. I keep them fed 2x a day very thoroughly and they grow like gangbusters. As long as they can air prune, if you just feed them more often, they will keep on growing. Every day I trim them and probably every other week really weed whack the tops. I also keep the bottoms and insides trimmed up for air flow.

    I feed them the same veg nutes that I do with all my veg plants - along with the additives, hydroguard, Rhizotonic and Cannazyme.

    Moms are on the right, vegging plants on the left and a couple of big ones in the middle ready for the flower room.

  5. I keep ALL the water in a 100 gallon reservoir

    500mL of FloraGro, FloraBloom, FloraMicro

    I go with the charts GH (changing brands to AN after the gallon of nutes tun out.

    i usually refill the 100gallon reservoir with perfect pH, chlorine free, water once the reservoir is halfway empty. i don’t apply any more nutrients when i only add water.

    I also have some Blue Cookies mothers i cloned two days ago. Growth is slow on the mother plant, but the clones are huge!


    (CloneX gel used for root growth (placed to see size))

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  6. I think also maybe leave some of the big fan leaves on to maximize food production. Taking them off limits growth. I definitely remove certain ones to maintain air flow and I lollipop at week 1 of flower and trim again at week 3. But for veg I leave most of them on. You want that leaf surface area in this time.

    Moms on the other hand, because I have so many is a confined space, I keep those ones trimmed to purposely limit growth. I don't need these ones to be geared towards heavy production.
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  7. I usually just cut the blades off the clones once they turn a week old or until they all root to allow sunlight to reach the bottom.

    I too lollipop my plants at around week 1 of veg.
    but don’t trim until 2 weeks into flowering. i should follow your routine to maximize yield.

    When should i supercrop? At a week into veg? or week into flower?

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