Mother Plant Out Of Direct Light

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  1. If my friend had to move a mother plant out from under a small light to make room for clones, what will happen to the mother plant? It's still in the same tent but the lights are set a little lower to the ground then the mother, so it's not getting much light at all from the side. It's a lot more mature obviously so I figured it would let others catch up a bit.

  2. you need to keep some light on the plant for at least 16 hours a day
    if part of plant gets a low amout of light for a long peried of time (couple of days)
    the plant will start to flower or turn hermie
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    what if it's getting partial light though? Is there a cheap kind bult or 2 i could get to keep the mother alive?
  4. any cfl bulb or t5 tube work's well
    if the plants not to big, it will stop the plant from going hermie and flowering
    the growth will slow but she will be fine for a few weeks
  5. LoL, I thought this question was for a friend?

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