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  1. Hello All.

    I am going to order equipment soon for growing a mother plant, one or two. I am wondering what kind of light this requires, type / wattage?

    I was also unsure what kind of hydro setup to order, any thoughts on a setup for one or two pot?

    Thanks for your assistance.

  2. I myself will start keeping a mother plant pretty soon. I'm just going to get 4 23w CFLs and fix em on some pvc pipe or lightbar and stick it in my closet. You could use CFLs if you want a cheap way to maintain your mother.
  3. Stick to an 18/6 light schedule and depending on her size use 6500k cfl's or a small MH, 150-250w.
  4. Good info guys, thanks. I will research that lighting to find my best solution. What are you guys using to grow your mother? Soil? If hydro, any links on the equipment you bought, or maybe you built your own...still researching what is available.
  5. My moms are in 1 quart square potting containers with soil of my own mix. Plain top soil (no fert), sphagnum peat moss, perlite, and some miracle grow potting soil.

    I water 'em every 3-4 days with plain water and give 'em a little bit of nutes every couple weeks.

    I have just a few cfls over 'em. :smoke:

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  6. Haven't taken pics yet (too lazy) but I have 3 potential Super Lemon Haze mothers sitting in 2.5 gallon pots full of Fox Farms Ocean Forest potting soil. Right now they're all getting 400w of MH light, but once I pick the best one and clone it, I'm gonna switch it over to the closet. Im sorta confused though... do I just keep giving it the same nutrient schedule it was on in definitely?
  7. It appears most people prefer soil for mother plants, which makes sense...I will be researching what all I need for that.

    I found a 125w 6500k cfl, is that enough for one-two mothers or should I get multiple? I like the cfl option as the MH will take up more room in my mother closet.
  8. Deep water culture can be as easy and as difficult as people make it...just like in soil growing.

    I am pretty damn tempted to put my mothers in a bubble bucket kind of situation. The thing is that it's really easy to start a new grow with just about any type of grow medium. My mothers are doing swell in soil but would be doing better in a hydro system.

    The thing is that it's very easy to grow in soil as it is easy to grow in hydro. I put my mothers in slil because it is just tooooooooo easy to keep them alive.
  9. Hey Wasabe, what wattage are those cfl's you have in the picture? How many mothers are under those lights?
  10. 6 moms. 26 watters - 3 "day light" and 2 "soft white".
  11. Nice, thanks for the quick reply. The 125w light I have my eye on will do nicely then.

    Been many years since I grew in soil, so have some research to do there regarding nutes and watering. Are those 1 quart containers you are utilizing working out well?
  12. So far so good. The small pots ensure that my pot mommies stay short :smoke:
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    Hey, I now have my light picked out, going to use a 250w cfl, have an extra 400w HID but think I may use that for another application. Anyway, my question is pertaining to soil, I bought fox farm soil but still have to purchase nutes.

    Any insight into soil nutes? I will be reviewing my books, and looking online, but a brief response would help and be appreciated.


    Or can I just add the nutrients as I do my hydro setup?

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