mother plant in flowering having severe issues

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by rebeltoker, Sep 22, 2009.

  1. went away for two days and came back to this. can someone tell me what the heck happened? thanks

    bad plant.jpg

    bad plant 2.jpg

  2. Looks overwatered and over fertilized to me. Did you give it a big drink/meal before you left?
  3. nope. do you think that it may possibly be heat stress?
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    Could be heatstress if it is fix that and if they perk up u fixed it if you want to know for sure -hows your Ph level i had very alkaline soil once outdoors and everything started looking like that, did u feed it lots of N in veg?any P or K yet? how the roots on it extremely pot bound? has it gone through a drought during those 2 days, hows the ventilation,?
  5. Do you think this could be ph lock? Temps are fine. It couldn't be overwatering. I'm using 1/2 strength fox farm nutes. Sufficient ventilation. I just can't figure this shit out.

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