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  1. Hey guys im gonna be haveing a mother plant and once she gets to the size i want her do i still need to give her nutes are just water? If so what nutes ill be using fox farm nutrients . help please
  2. Yes. Feed your "mother plant" the same as you would any other. You can give a low dose (or diluted) fertilizer every time you water, or go with normal feedings every 2 weeks. The plants will show you by their color and vigor if they require fertilizer. If you're growing outside (in-ground), perhaps the soil is naturally rich in nutrients, thus requiring little or no fertilizer. Some growers like to go with a higher phosphorus during flowering stage (higher middle # NPK). I personally have not seen much difference in flower growth when using an all-purpose fert (5-5-5) from one that is 5-15-5; both applications work fine. Keep it simple and learn from it.
  3. Alright thank yah man!! means a lot for the help i will prob use all purpose nutes & i have another question for you say i mix and get my nute water do i give all the gallon of nute water to one plant are only so much?
  4. In flowering you want more P&K nutes then N because it needs more of those nutes for bud growth. To much N in flowering can slow down flowering.
  5. How I got into the Absolute Beginners forum is beyond me. Crazy. I must have been stoned! Anyway, plants need nitrogen because it is an essential nutrient for them. Too much of anything is bad, and you would have to apply quite a bit of nitrogen to slow down bud development. When you are applying fertilizer to your plant most people are using some combination of NPK (1-1-1, 5-5-5, 4-12-4. etc). In other words you are always applying nitorgen. The plant takes in nutrients to stay alive and complete its life cycle. This bro wants to keep his mother plant going (i'm assuming Epic wants to take cuttings or bring her inside to overwinter) and to keep a plant growing longer, you will require nutrient-rich soil or supplement it with a fertilizer that has NPK. Epic, like I stated before, don't make gardening complicated, keep it simple. You'll learn as you go.

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