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  1. This is my first solo grow ever and also my first time on a forum. After reading everyone's journals on here I decided it wouldnt hurt to begin one of my own. Super excited but also a little nervous to be in charge of an organic indoor grow all by myself so any feedback, advice, suggestions are greatly appreciated. :) since this is my first post I'll cut to the chase and say what I'm working with. I actually have 2 tents going right now and a room also , but the MOB crop is my most prized tent.

    - 4x4 grow tent. Running a 1000w HPS over a Scrog of MOB ( have a black widow and a cple strawberry cough mixed in there also) just switched to 12/12 last week. Been fertilizing with roots organic elemental ,high phosphorus indonesian bat guano, and an organic kelp solution. Thinking I really should start molasses also.have been watering with osmosis water.

    -small veg room. Have 2 T5 LEDs that are over MOB, MOB x sour og, strawberry cough, amazing haze #9 , and a purple og (experiment/ attempting to bonsai it). Have them on a 18/6 light cycle. Feeding those osmosis water with super nitro bat guano, roots elemental, & kelp solution

    - a 8x8 grow tent Got another 1000w HPS scrog on a 12/12 cycle with black widow, amazing haze, ,MOB ,purple og, and NYPD underneath. Fertilizing those the same as the 4x4 tent. Those have been in flowering close to almost 2 months now

    I will happily say I'm pretty much a newbie at growing seeing how this is my first solo grow. Have been working along side someone very knowledgeable for about 5 years now trying to learn as much as I can though so I have a pretty good idea at how things are done. However I'm very open to any new information, constructive criticism, or suggestions ideas ect. Growing is my passion and I'm on a constant mission to keep getting better and keep growing happier and healthier plants every day. :D

    Posting some pics of the tents i luckily caught the 4x4 right as the hps was startting up so no lines haha ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1415505636.096090.jpg ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1415505648.180754.jpg ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1415505657.687166.jpg and a pog nug from the most recent harvest. Would post one of the room however my phones memory is packed to the max so that will have to be another time.

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  2. Heya stoneygal :wave: nice lookin plants ya got there. Always heard good things about MOB

  3. she prob read my journal and was like, well hell, if he can do it.  xD   looks really great keep it up:D
  4. Killer plants!
  5. Thanks :) and you're right reading and seeing what other people have going on has been super inspiring also a great motivator honestly was slacking a bit. Nice to talk to people for once with similar lifestyle

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  6. Been meaning to update this for a couple days no but things have been so hectic around here I feel like a chicken with my head chopped off. Well it's officially winter in Massachusetts at least it is to me now that I see snow flakes falling already =O unfortunately with the chilly weather it's becoming very difficult for me to maintain and regulate the temperature of e gardens. Still adjusting to this new house has been hard but I think I'm getting there finally. I had to go gather some timers and space heaters today hopefully that will help. On a good note though spent some time last night re arranging and put Some plants I've been working on for some time into 12/12. Would have loved to let a couple veg out for a bit longer but they were just way too tall also the Mob is incredibly sensitive to how long it's in veg, she'll just force herself into flower after a while then I end up with a mess of a plant so I'm making sure I avoid that def made that mistake before.

    Also even more exciting finally decided on a light to replace the 1000w HPS...the ion 8 LED should be here by tomorrow!!! I'm ecstatic :) running the HPS would be ideal it's always been my preferred lighting however with national grid raising prices ugh my electricity bill is getting way too high for it to be worth it to run :( also this house has the worst electrical ever. Sometimes our fuses just pop because of only one simple thing being added to the equation even if it is just a nightlight or something so I won't have that headache anymore

    Lastly I'm super stoked one of the plants newly put into flower is from a seed from two plants I crossed myself!!! First time I've ever done that so I'm really excited to see how she's gonna come out. Not too long a go I got a male sour og and crossed that with my MOB. SOmi can't wait to see that :D

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  7. hey stoney looks good. those girls do look very tall although im sure your getting great light penetration with that 1000watter. are you running just one 1000 watt in that 8x8?
  8. Thanks :) for now I am only running the one hps. Been thinking about putting 2 t5 LEDs after I harvest in there just to veg out some clones though. Electric bill is getting out of hand

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    Praying mantis just hatched!! :) very excited ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1416637810.591204.jpg

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  9. yeah fuck national grid! lol where the hell you get praying mantis eggs
  10. Ordered them off amazon haha takes 4-6 weeks to hatch though feels like I've been waiting forever so seeing them tonight made me super excited I had to share the news

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  11. ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1416642249.409742.jpg ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1416642327.210087.jpg

    Praying mantis just hatched from their egg case!! Been waiting for about 4 weeks so I'm really excited that I saw them tonight. May sound like a huge nerd right now but I've always loved these predator bugs :)

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