Mother Nature Destroyed My Car

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    I am SOOO FUCKING PISSED! My car got DESTROYED yesterday in a thunderstorm that had high winds and huge hail. I thought about getting a new car, but I couldn't afford a new one so i just got the windows replaced on it. Plus I haven't even had this car for a year now, and it has less than 60,000 miles, so i just figured id keep it until i can get a new car.
    Anyways...This is what happens when you live in Nebraska.

  2. Damn, those were some big hail stones. No full coverage or too high of a deductable? :smoke:
  3. dude your car looks fucked
  4. It's okay bro. We harm the nature too.
  5. insightful
  6. Its k bro. nature too we.
  7. Dam that's so fucked
  8. Dude sell it for more saying that its "custom" texture and costed you like 25 large.
    There has to be some retards in Nebraska right?
    Either that or make some cool paint things, or like a 3-D thing would be nice too. Im pretty baked right now, but if you do it I will gave away almost half of my whole stash to the starving children of Ethiopia 
  9. Yeah we got that out here too dawg entire city cars get shit on, its very very rare but it happens, you can invest in a special tarp to protect your car with an air bubble, its a little expensive but obviously you gotta secure your investments homie. 
  10. Nation wide is on your side

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  11. LOL so they can be more hungry? lol
  12. Fuck for the life of me I can;t think of this but this reminds me of the insurance company that does the mayhem ads. Anyways shitty luck OP hope karma comes soon and hooks you up fat with something nice mannn.
  13. Just do mad burnouts and waste gas so that global warming makes it so it never hails again...

    Oh wait...

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  14. I'd drive it, but I don't have a car
  15. Chemtrails in your area?

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    Illuminati aliens. :hide:        :smoke:
  17. betcha itll go faster now.....thats why golfballs look like that...I saw it on myth bustrs they did a whole car like a golfball and it got better gas milage..
    I can kid around cause last year my 89 iroc got blasteed along with my roof of my house......both were fixed by insurance....kicker is I was going to have to replace my roof the next year I then got for free 
    Oh and my iroc hace brand new clearcoat (which was starting to peel)
  18. Damn bro I couldn't even imagine that happening haha i'd be so fucking mad i'd prolly cry no joke haha.
  19. Dude, that fucking sucks. In a hilarious/not-hilarious type of way, I'm sorry for you loss.
    You've gotta laugh about it. You're totally fucked, all that's left to do is crack a smile and come up with a better story than that "inclement weather" one.

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