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Mother has Lupus

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Jayjangle, Aug 13, 2012.

  1. So my mom has been extremely cooperative with my applying for medical cannabis for my cerebral palsy and related symptoms. However, she has not even considered it for herself in regards to her lupus and extremely painful symptoms.

    Basically, she gets home from work and can hardly function beyond her mental functioning. She can hardly walk after after every day of work based on the pain caused by her lupus, and she always comes home and crashes. She is a special ed teacher with a Master's in Special Education.

    She knows I toke up occasionally and does not have an issue with it. However. she has also mentioned trying marijuana for her pain but seems hesitant based on the laws and common knowledge. She shows curiosity for trying the herb but is hesitant based on "common knowledge." She even asked to let me know if/when I dose up after getting medical licensing, and seems intrigued about the healing and relieving effects of cannabis.

    I do love my mom and I wish she would get off of vicodin and oxycodone to try herb to see how it would benefit her symptoms. Does anyone have any experience with cannabis for lupus, or if not, what could I tell her that would possibly change her mind? Btw, her husband dislikes the idea of cannabis and favors painkillers such as vicodin, oxycodone, promethazine, etc.
  2. Promethazine Is not a painkiller. If she wasn't taking painkillers, she wouldn't need it. It just helps with nausea associated with her Meds.

    Second, I was addicted to the same medicine they gave me for pain. It's nasty shit.

    If I were you I'd just talk to her about the possibility of physical addiction to her current Meds and how withdrawal feels. (trust me, it's hell on earth, your bones ache and you can't sleep).

    I've found that marijuana makes me feel more positive and DEFINITELY helps my pain. While I do not have lupus, I can't see the harm in her trying it.

    Go find stormcrow and check out the provided links. She has so much information on the wonders of marijuana I'm sure there are things that your madre would find helpful. :)
  3. She does not take promethazeine frequently, but I know she takes Vicodin on a common basis at least. She takes it only for pain, and frequently comments thar she wishes there was a better alternative. This is where I feel medical MMJ would come in. She so far has expressed concern about "smoking it" and I have explained alternatives like vaporizing and edibles but she still seems hesitant.

    While I am applying for MMJ based on my symptoms, I believe herb can benefit her, but she has mentioned fear that using it could compromise her career, even though she has not only gotten her 10-year. I know that at least two of her elementary students have been approved for MMJ and use it frequently based on their symptoms, and she remains concerned that her use of it might compromise her career. What might improve this opinion?
  4. I just wanted to post and tell you, I know exactly what you're feeling because my mother and sister both have lupus.However, I'm not in a med state, so unfortunately I would never be able to speak to mother and sister about this.

    It has to be one of the most unknown and misunderstood illnesses out there. It's almost too much to watch, when I see my mother and the state she is in. I know she is a member of an online support group for lupus, that discuses different medication and side affects. She is very stubborn, so seeing home remedies from others beside her family really makes a difference.

    You could try suggesting she do her own research, and ask her own questions? That way, she can draw a conclusion on her own accord and see options from other people who know what exactly she is going through.
  5. These may help.

    Systemic Lupus Erythematosus by Lisa Swiderski (anecdotal - undated)
    Systemic Lupus Erythematosus by Lisa Swiderski

    Lupus by Randi Cox (anecdotal – undated)
    Lupus by Randi Cox

    Cannabis May Suppress Immune System (news - 2003)
    Cannabis May Suppress Immune System

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    Plaquenil, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus and Marijuana (Cannabis) (news – 2010)
    Plaquenil, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus and Marijuana (Cannabis) | MCSocal

    Granny :wave:

  6. There's no need to get worked up and do something crazy like call your mom an addict. But in the OFF chance that is whats up... Cannabis Sativa has been proven to help with opiate withdrawal. Check Granny storms crows list for confirmation. :smoke:
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    Thank you all for your kind and empathetic responses. Honestly every day I feel bad for my mom, considering she endures such pain for a noble cause. She truly and genuinely loves her students, and continues doing her work because she wants special needs individuals to adapt to this world and make it in their own ways. In return, she suffers from both her pain and stress that results from her disorder, so I think she deserves a better and more natural solution to her pain than synthetic medications. I mean, if a bowl of weed helps me to walk everyday and enjoy my hobby of fishing to its fullest, she deserves cannabis to help her enjoy her job to its fullest.

    Even if cannabis was not prescribed to me based on my symptoms not being urgent enough, I would like her to see if the THC clinic in Washington would accept her based on her symptoms. From what I've seen in her health, it would truly help her, and seeing her puff a joint or enjoy a brownie everyday to continue her career to its best would make me happy.

    For me, the fact that she addressed my Cerebral Palsy early in life and remained dedicated to my best interests as an adult means more to me than any amount of bud could ever mean to me. If a single bowl would mean she could continue to enjoy her job every day, then I would not even care if she smoked two grams a day after work. To me, it is her reward to contributing to this day's world everyday.

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