Mother from seed or clone?

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  1. Hey all!

    So i am at the point where im thinking about the next grow.

    Once i take for clones from my first batch from seed. Can i keep one of those clones and grow it as a mother, or am i better off growing a mother straight from seed?

  2. Dealers choice.

    Some people prefer to keep mothers from seed over clones for lineage purposes and the idea that seeded mothers are more resistant and resilient than cloned mothers.

    I’ve observed some truth to this theory, however, this isn’t to say you cannot have a thriving, extremely healthy mother from clone.
  3. Ya i have read that.

    I dont need it to be a high producer, maybe 6-8 cuttings every cpl months.
  4. I tend to think it is strain dependent.

    Some record that they will have a little bit less yield and some record no difference which would lead me to believe it’s mainly up to genetics if the environment is controlled.
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  5. Seeds have a tap root, clones do not. You will have much better mother when grown from seed. The Taproot will help her from getting too stressed when you take cuttings
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  6. Ya maybe i migt just grow a new mom from seed. I need to train it and keep it small (24" top in pot)

    I had a second strain i wanted to try as well, CBD Critical Mass, i have 1 seed along with 2 of my current AfghaniCBD thats growing.

    May as well get 2 moms going while i clone off my current batch.
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  7. Thoughts on using bamboo sticks for support? Or should i get plastic sticks?
  8. I avoid plastic as much as possible. Purely a personal choice but I never recommend plastic anything.
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